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pepsi new sparkling beveragePepsi Adds A New Beverage

La croix better watch out with Pepsi’s new naturally flavored sparkling beverage! – via Bustle




blood sugar linked to decreased memoryHigh Blood Sugar Decreases Memory

Step away from the sweets – they could be the cause of why you can’t remember where you put your keys or where you left your wallet. There’s a reason medical literature is referring to Alzheimer’s as Type III diabetes. – via The New York Times


partners stressYour Take On Your Partner’s Stress

We all know that being stressed can wreak havoc on your health. But research is now showing that your partner’s stress levels can affect your own by rewiring the brain. – via Medical News Today


coffee linked to cancerCoffee’s Unexpected Link To Cancer

See how your daily cup of coffee could increase your risk for cancer. – via Newsweek




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