Intuitive Fasting: The Metabolic Flexibility Quiz

How Flexible Is Your Metabolism?

Are you a hangry sugar-burner or an energetic fat-burner? Let's find out. The quiz from the new book Intuitive Fasting.


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  • How Flexible Is Your Metabolism?

    There’s a lot that can go awry with your health, thanks to this mismatch between the way our bodies were designed to live and where we are today as a society. Everything in your body is brilliantly interconnected; metabolic inflexibility is both the underlying driver of health issues and a consequence of them. The result is a swirling mass of underlying health imbalances that cause you to feel awful on a daily basis. The good news is that by reestablishing metabolic flexibility you are putting a pin in that vicious cycle, turning it into a positive feedback loop instead. With the flexible plan in my new book Intuitive Fasting, a new cycle will start with increased metabolic flexibility, which decreases inflammation, heals the gut, and balances blood sugar and leptin, the result of which is more metabolic flexibility. See what I did there? Full circle, interconnected, root-cause wellness. Are you a hangry sugar-burner or an energetic fat-burner? Let's find out.

    Approximate Time: 5 minutes

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