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Comprehensive telehealth consultation


Comprehensive healthcare plan with customized protocol development

As one of the first telehealth clinics in the world, we have given personalized functional medicine clinical care and functional nutrition coaching for our patients around the globe via webcam since 2009.

What should I expect during a consultation?

Your tailored functional medicine experience begins with two telehealth consultation options to fit your personal needs.

During our initial webcam consultation with our online functional medicine doctor and team, we will extensively explore your case, getting to the root causes of why you feel the way that you do, and review any past labs you may have. During this time we will also determine if any functional medicine labs or advanced protocols are needed, and if so, which ones would be best.

After this initial consultation if you choose to enter into care, Dr. Will Cole works with his functional medicine team on every case to develop a tailored health plan, created just for you and your body's needs.


Comprehensive consultation with functional diagnostic health practitioner

During your initial telehealth consultation, a highly trained member of Dr. Cole‘s functional diagnostic health practitioner team will extensively explore your case, getting to the root facets of why you feel the way you do, review any past labs you may have, and answer your questions. This one-on-one visit lasts roughly one hour, in which we will also determine if any functional medicine labs or advanced protocols are needed, and if so, which ones would be best. After the consultation the team works directly with Dr. Will Cole on your health case to develop a tailored plan, fit just for you.

Option two | Pricing upon request

Comprehensive consultation with
Dr. Will Cole

Dr. Will Cole offers a limited number of initial one on one telehealth consultations per month. This consists of the same consultation process you get from his personally trained functional medicine health practitioner team – the only difference is being able to speak with Dr. Will Cole one-on-one for the initial consultation.

Spaces are limited for this option and require a longer wait time. Dr. Will Cole spends most of his day with patients in concierge care, so the quickest way to work with him and the team is to choose Option One: Comprehensive Consultation with Functional Diagnostic Health Practitioner, overseen by Dr. Will Cole. This option is only offered to Starting Point and patients who are committing to concierge care.

What should I expect after my consultation?

Once your initial consultation is completed, you have the option to become a patient of the clinic through your own customized care plan. This is a custom tailored experience for each patient that can include advanced functional medicine protocols and extended, immersive guidance based on the lab results of testing the patient chooses based on our recommendations.

This care plan includes email and phone support in between your telehealth visits as well as exercise, lifestyle, and stress management protocols determined by the team. Our functional medicine team provides unparalleled one-on-one clinical coaching and educational guidance so that you can feel empowered with full agency over your wellness.

Potential Costs and Care Options

Our approach is comprehensive, and the cost to address the root cause of your health case can vary for each person. We will work with you to help estimate your individual costs and prioritize fees to fit your budget. Entire care experiences usually range from $3000-$8000 that are determined by the patient selections. Below are the potential options for care after the initial consultation based on what the practitioner recommends and the patient chooses.

Call the front office to learn more and design your care plan.

Patient Testimonials

Kim 1


After breast cancer treatment, I felt like the wheels were falling off. I had many symptoms including achy joints, brain fog, and psoriasis. I was tired, indecisive and couldn’t lose weight. My ah-ha moment was realizing that only sick people get labs. I’m not looking to be the average of all sick people. I am ... Continue Reading



After suffering from various issues with my digestive health for over 3 years and looking for answers from countless specialists, I am so thankful to have found Dr. Cole. I finally not only understand the root of all of my digestive problems, I feel better than I have in years and actually understand what is ... Continue Reading

Jonathan Cetnarski

Jonathan Cetnarski

Dr. Cole and his incredible team of professionals have guided me on a personalized journey to optimize my health and wellbeing along with treating the root causes of health concerns that have plagued me for years rather than just treating symptoms. The results I have achieved in just 10 weeks have been incredible, including healthy ... Continue Reading

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