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How Flexible Is Your Metabolism?
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  • There’s a lot that can go awry with your health, thanks to this mismatch between the way our bodies were designed to live and where we are today as a society. Everything in your body is brilliantly interconnected; metabolic inflexibility is both the underlying driver of health issues and a consequence of them. The result is a swirling mass of underlying health imbalances that cause you to feel awful on a daily basis. The good news is that by reestablishing metabolic flexibility you are putting a pin in that vicious cycle, turning it into a positive feedback loop instead. When you become metabolically flexible, inflammation decreases, your gut starts to heal, your blood sugar and leptin balances out, and the result of which is more metabolic flexibility. See what I did there? Full circle, interconnected, root-cause wellness. So, how metabolically flexible are you? Let's find out.

    Approximate Time: 5 minutes

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