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Dr. Wahls

Dr. Cole takes the guess-work out of what to do so that you can have the tools to take back your health. You will learn exactly which foods to eat and not eat and with the delicious meal ideas you will see just how delicious eating healthily can be. – Terry Wahls, M.D.  Assistant Chief of Staff at Iowa City VA, clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa and author of The Wahls Protocol


Sure, you could dogmatically take out foods society tell you are bad for you.. Or… you could try Dr. Will Cole’s method and find out what ACTUALLY doesn’t work for you.  Everyone told me my issues were due to pasta… turns out it’s eggplant and soy sauce.  Through his methods I learned to pinpoint what my body loves and what it hates, which in turn has allowed me to live freely and successfully every moment of every day, without the dogma and stress. – Lauren Imparato, International Yoga Instructor, author of Retox


After suffering from various issues with my digestive health for over 3 years and looking for answers from countless specialists, I am so thankful to have found Dr. Cole. I finally not only understand the root of all of my digestive problems, I feel better than I have in years and actually understand what is going on with my body. He goes so in depth to target the underlying causes of what I have been dealing with, which is something no doctor has done prior. I have even fallen in love with learning about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle in the process. Dr. Cole and his staff go above and beyond with their support and care; my only regret is that I didn’t find them sooner! If you are searching for answers to your health, consider taking a step away from mainstream medicine and talk to Dr. Cole. I promise you will never go back. My whole experience with Dr. Cole has been nothing but amazing, and a huge answer to prayer!


From the outside looking in, you’d see me as a 28-year-old woman who loves life. What you wouldn’t see, is that every single day used to be a severe struggle for me. Normal, ‘every day’ tasks felt so much more challenging to me than they appeared to be for everyone else. In my mind, I was trapped in a constant web of anxiety, panic, and pain.

I struggled with this throughout my childhood, up until my final year of high school, and well into my twenties. I may have appeared normal, but ultimately I received the following diagnoses: Severe, debilitating anxiety, a panic disorder, and agoraphobia.

Naturally, this had been seriously impacting my quality of life.

Feeling helpless and hopeless had become ‘normal’ for me, and this led to depression and feelings of worthlessness. My moods could be catastrophic at times, the winter months were almost unbearable, my attendance at was work deteriorating, and the heavy fog I felt in my brain made concentrating nearly impossible.

My relationships were also suffering – leaving my house was becoming too uncomfortable because I never wanted to risk having a panic attack in public. I tried therapy and various medication combinations. I had lab work done on everything from my hormones to my thyroid to vitamin deficiencies and gluten intolerances.

Ironically, my results showed that I was healthy and ‘normal.’

I was a relatively healthy eater – or so I thought – and I even tried eliminating gluten just to see if that made a difference. Nothing was working. I felt like I was losing my sanity, and to say I felt lonely would be a huge understatement.

In the summer of 2015, I found Dr. Cole through one of his articles on
Mindbodygreen. I was desperate to find something – anything – to help me regain my life. After years of failed attempts and no relief from any of my symptoms, the thought of trying something new was terrifying. I didn’t think I could mentally survive feeling a glimmer of hope, only to have that hope shattered once again.

Needless to say, I was hesitant to start the program. Part of me believed that nothing would ever work, and that I needed to accept that this was how I was going to feel for the rest of my life.

Dr. Cole and his staff at Cole Health Centers were so personable and wonderful to work with. I instantly felt comfortable, and the Officer Manager was very patient with the countless questions I had.

I remember asking, “Do you have any other patients like me, and have they been successful with your treatment program?”

She confidently assured me that all of their patients have seen some form of improvement.

With the encouragement of my loving boyfriend, my friends, and my family, I took this huge leap of faith. I knew in my heart that I needed to discover the root of my problems.

I officially became Dr. Cole’s patient in November 2015. After a mere two weeks, I began to feel relief from his dietary program. The inflammation in my body began to noticeably decrease, and I learned that this was a significant contributor to my anxiety and brain fog.

I began Dr. Cole’s dietary protocol in December and he eliminated so many foods that I thought were healthy. I learned that eliminating these specific foods was essential for me to feel relief.

My lab results revealed a diagnosis of the following: Dysbiosis, leaky gut, candida overgrowth, and increased cortisol imbalances.

I had no idea how much the transformation I was about to experience would positively impact my life.

In over a year into my healing, I’m still in the process of reintroducing certain foods into my diet. It is trial and error so patience and the ability to listen to your body is important. I have come to realize that I’ll never be completely ‘fixed,’ because optimal health is not a destination – it’s an ongoing journey. Dr. Cole taught me this, and it’s been a revelation.

Bad days still come, but they also go and the good days seem to occur more. What is important for me is the recent realization that a bad day no longer feels like a bad life, but rather just part of the journey. This particular journey has been a beautiful one. Thanks to my newfound knowledge of functional medicine, and my awareness of the power of food, I have found my life purpose in my desire to help others.

I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Cole and his staff members Andrea, Ashley and Yvette. My life has changed, and more importantly – my life has been saved.

Until this point, I’d always looked to others to fix my issues – to ‘save’ me – but one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that you have to make the effort to save yourself. Only you can make those changes, and you must always be willing to take responsibility for the role you play in your health. Deciding to take my health into my own hands and be my own health advocate has been the the best decision I have ever made, and I encourage others to do it daily.

I’m so grateful that I invested in myself, and I’ll always encourage others to do the same. Dr. Cole has taught me that all disease begins in the gut. He has given me the necessary tools to heal my gut so that I’m able to once again be the woman who loves life.

I highly recommend Dr. Cole. He got to the root cause of my issues and I have complete confidence that he can get to the root cause of your issues too.

My name is Rachelle – and this is my story.


To quote the president of the company I worked for back in 2008, “Christa, you are the sickliest person I know!”. He was right! For years I suffered with out of control thyroid disease (Hashimotos), abdominal issues, brain fog, bronchitis and/or pneumonia on a regular basis, unexplained hives, joint issues, severe allergies…I was always sick. After years of visiting countless physicians and specialists who wanted to throw pills at me to solve my issues, I decided I’d rather learn the drivers of my illness in order to determine the proper solution(s).

Using a functional medicine approach, Dr. Cole identified that food was the underlying driver of the majority of my health issues. He found that I have a sensitivity to gluten and dairy, and provided a specialized diet/protocol to eliminate those foods from my diet and heal my gut. After 15 months of following the protocol, I have seen AMAZING results. My thyroid disease is finally under control. The cyst/nodule I have had on one of my thyroid glands for years has completely disappeared. I have not had bronchitis or pneumonia (or really any sort of a cold) in 15 months. No brain fog. The hives have virtually stopped, and my joints are stronger. My insulin resistance numbers have decreased in half. And lastly, my allergies have significantly improved! Decreasing the inflammation in my body has also resulted in two additional benefits I was not expecting – my eyesight has improved and I lost 10 pounds without even trying.

I never would have dreamed food could impact my health the way it has, but I am now a firm believer in a functional medicine approach to healthcare. Thank you Dr. Cole!!!!


I started seeing Dr. Cole due to chronic pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis, stomach problems, and migraines. I am into the eight month of my year long program and I am no longer experiencing stomach problems, I have fewer migraines, and I have days with very little pain. I have lost 70 pounds and my energy level has increased as well as my outlook on life. I thank God for Dr. Cole and his staff for helping me to improve the quality of my life!


Dr. Will Cole is a fantastic and knowledgeable doctor who cares deeply about his patients. His expertise in the microbiome runs deep and his science-base, but simple recommendations can help restore gut health and promote overall wellness. His insights are a must for anyone who cares about their overall health. – Heather White, President & CEO of Yellowstone Park Foundation, and former Executive Director of the Environmental Working Group (EWG)


I saw Dr. Cole’s ads in the paper and was skeptical. I went to his seminar and, although still skeptical, the message made sense to me. I did the initial consultation; and the conversation that we had convinced me that this was the route I wanted to take. The program is easy to follow. I look at it as an education for a lifetime. These results have been amazing. I started the program with an A1c of 9.0; and in a little over three months later my A1c is now 6.2! I am going to continue to follow the program to get that even lower. I must warn you of the side effects of this program: I now have more energy than I have had in a long time and I feel great all the time. Just ask my wife! Thanks Dr. Cole!


Dr. Cole and his incredible team of professionals have guided me on a personalized journey to optimize my health and wellbeing along with treating the root causes of health concerns that have plagued me for years rather than just treating symptoms. The results I have achieved in just 10 weeks have been incredible, including healthy weight loss and a reduced dependence on OTC medication for inflammation. I look and feel great and will certainly be a better version of self at age 50! – Jonathan Cetnarski, President & CEO, Natural Gourmet Institute


I’m so fortunate to have an amazing job that takes me all over the world. The downside of that is a lack of routine that wreaks havoc on my digestive system. For years, I struggled to find a way to feel balanced and healthy. Dr. Will Cole played a huge role in helping me find a way to re-boot my system and make me feel strong again, whether at home or on the road. Now, I’m back to feeling empowered and in control of my body, and I know that is in part because of the way Dr. Cole guided me down path towards daily optimal health. – Kathryn Budig, International Yoga Instructor, author of Aim True


Last August 2016 I began my healing journey with Dr. Will Cole. Prior to finding him I had struggled with multiple autoimmune diseases and all of the ugly symptoms that go along with them; at 44 I felt trapped and hopeless in a broken body. Dr. Cole helped me find the missing pieces to my body’s personal puzzle and has slowly but surely put this girl back together. Though my healing journey is far from over I haven’t felt this good in years! I can’t thank him and his awesome staff enough for all of their loving care and support. At 45 I have a new sense of freedom and am full of hope!


After breast cancer treatment, I felt like the wheels were falling off. I had many symptoms including achy joints, brain fog, and psoriasis. I was tired, indecisive and couldn’t lose weight. My ah-ha moment was realizing that only sick people get labs. I’m not looking to be the average of all sick people. I am 10 months in on my journey and I’m off of blood pressure medicine, statins and lowering my thyroid medicine, which I hope to be off of soon. The added bonuses are I’m down 38 pounds and have been energized and empowered. Dr. Cole will find the missing links that you’re not getting from your regular doctor. Functional medicine is the best investment I ever made. Once you find the discipline to wellness instead of sickness, there is no turning back! Thank you Dr. Cole and staff!

Complete The Form Above – Free Health Evaluation

This informative and free 10-15 min. phone or webcam evaluation is the first step; it gives you a chance to talk with us about your specific case and get your questions answered. It also allows us to see if you qualify for a consultation with Dr. Cole. You can start by completing the form above or you can call the health center at 724-772-9833 if you prefer to set up your health evaluation that way.

Comprehensive Health Consultation With Dr. Cole

Dr. Cole customizes health programs based on an extensive health history, the patients goals and comprehensive lab tests that look at the body’s complex systems and their function. During your initial consultation Dr. Cole will extensively review your personal and family health history, review any labs you may have, go over your health goals and expectations, answer any questions you may have and determine if you are a candidate for care.


We take on a limited number of patients yearly and only accept people into care who we know we can help. We devote our time to giving personalized, one on one clinical care and health coaching. Our programs are tailored to the patient’s needs and range from a few weeks to several months. Once your lab work has been completed, Dr. Cole will explain the meaning of your test results to you in a follow up consultation. He will also create an individualized health program for you which will include one or more of the following: a customized food medicine plan and condition specific natural medicines based on your labs, exercise, lifestyle and stress management recommendations. He will then clinically monitor your case, coach and keep you accountable and educate you so that you can ultimately do it yourself. We see Functional Medicine care as a sort of semester at school for your health.

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