Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Sleep Aids

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Whether we are a night owl or an early bird, sleep is something that every single person needs to thrive. We have all experienced those days following a night of poor sleep and how it can leave us feeling lethargic and a little grumpy. Our body relies on those hours at night to restore and repair itself and when it doesn’t get that our overall health is sure to suffer. Since quality is just as important as quantity we’ve all made an effort to make the most of our sleeping hours with the addition of our favorite sleep aids.

Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Sleep Aids Dr. Will Cole

Emily Miller – Magnesium Lavender Bath Oil

When I am tense, stressed, or too wired I love a natural source like magnesium to help calm my body down. This magnesium and lavender bath oil is my go to because magnesium is a natural calming relief and this product contains lavender (an essential oil that promotes relaxation). Pair it with a candle lit bath and you have a night full of good quality zzz’s ahead of you!

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Ashley Lees – White Noise Machine

I don’t always get the best sleep and that can really affect my mood and energy level the next day. I’ve used many sleep aids to help get the best sleep but my favorite device that has worked for me is the LectroFan white noise maker. It’s super simple to use and has two different sounds it can make. Both noises work great and really helps me fall into a deep sleep with no disturbances.

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Janice Dietrich – Doterra Serenity Blend

I have always been the type of person that can fall asleep anytime, anywhere so I never needed to worry about sleep aids. But when I married my night owl of a husband I suddenly started looking for ways to help him fall asleep at a decent time. Using Doterra’s Serenity Blend essential oil in our diffuser has been the perfect way to help him easily doze off each night and sleep great through the whole night.

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Yvette Johnstone – Organic Weighted Blanket

I am definitely the person who can’t shut their brain off at night. It has always taken me a while to fall asleep and I may or may not have a mild case of restless leg syndrome. For those nights when sleep seems elusive, this weighted blanket is the perfect solution to help relax my body and calm my mind.

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Andrea Cogley – Lavender Eye Pillow

I love my sleep time and a product that is essential for me to get my best night’s sleep is my lavender eye mask! I can use this hot or cold and it is scented with lavender to help with relaxation and stress relief. So if you need a better night’s sleep or just want to improve the quality of sleep I suggest giving this a try!

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