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The Art of Being Well

Leading functional medicine expert and best-selling author Dr. Will Cole has consulted thousands of people around the world on their health journey. Now is the time for your wellness journey. A manifesto for a new breed of health seekers, The Art Of Being Well is a fresh infusion of grace and lightness into wellness. Here we will explore exciting ways for you to nurture your body, spirit, mind, and relationships. From this place of using self-care as a form of self-respect, you can discover your own metamorphosis.

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Tero Isokauppila: Adaptogen Deep Dive (Benefits, Mushrooms, Foraging + Ancient Traditions)

Everything you need to know about adaptogens including the different types of adaptogens and their health benefits.

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Ashleigh VanHouten: Carnivore Diet MYTHS, Meal Ideas + Pro Tips

All about the carnivore diet including common myths, health benefits, and tips for incorporating more organ meats into your diet.

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The Tropical Plant Therapeutics To Help You Chill & Focus + Alcohol Alternatives with JW Ross

The world of plant therapeutics and the overlooked health benefits of plants like kava and kratom for calming anxiety, focus and energy.

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Dr. Zach Bush: Breathing Your Biome + The SHOCKING Autoimmune-Inflammation Trigger

The connection between nature and our health. How the air we breathe and pesticides we use affect our health and genetics.

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Blood Types & Lyme Disease Tick Bites, Is Botox Safe + Natural Injectable Alternatives (Ask Me Anything Episode!)

Blood types, tick bites, Botox and autoimmunity, natural alternatives, and the latest research on Vitamin D and fiber intake.

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Dr. Lisa Miller: How Spirituality Changes Your Brain + Mood

The connection between spirituality and mental health and how we can make break throughs by reshaping how we view the physical and spiritual.

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