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Leading functional medicine expert and best-selling author Dr. Will Cole has consulted thousands of people around the world on their health journey. Now is the time for your wellness journey. A manifesto for a new breed of health seekers, The Art Of Being Well is a fresh infusion of grace and lightness into wellness. Here we will explore exciting ways for you to nurture your body, spirit, mind, and relationships. From this place of using self-care as a form of self-respect, you can discover your own metamorphosis.

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Amber-Lee Lyons: Energy Medicine Deep Dive, Chakras, Quantum Leaping + Using Crystals For Healing

A deep dive into energy medicine, unlocking your chakras, quantum leaping, and how to use crystals in your wellness routine.

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EBV: The Chronic Viral Infection Linked To Brain Fog, Depression, Anxiety & Autoimmunity (+ Exactly What To Do About It)

How Epstein–Barr virus (EBV) can trigger health problems and the best tips, dietary recommendations, and supplements to overcome it.

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Best (+ Worst) Coffee Options, Food Deserts, Carnivore Diet & Autoimmunity (Ask Me Anything Episode!)

Coffee recommendations, how to fill in nutritional gaps with supplements, and animal-based diets and fasting for autoimmunity.

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Dr. Shahin Ghadir: Debunking Fertility Myths, Egg Freezing + Overcoming Infertility Naturally

Tips for a healthy conception including the best supplements, how to freeze your eggs, and the top factors that contribute to infertility.

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Dr. Will Siu: The Surprising Science Of Psychedelics (Health Benefits, Microdosing + The Mind-Body-Soul Connection)

Different types of psychedelics, microdosing, and the latest science-backed research on their use for PTSD and other health problems.

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Uncommon Superfoods, Raw Dairy Myths + Keto Side Effects (Ask Me Anything Episode!)

Favorite underrated superfoods, the controversial benefits of raw dairy, and how to overcome some of the side effects of going keto.

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