The Essential Supplements You Should Be Taking Every Day


There are few things more important and sacred than your health. Sometimes we forget how much we value our health until we aren't feeling well. It's vital that we care about our health even on the days we're feeling good. 

Wellness isn't just a diet, it has no time frame - it's a lifestyle. The choices we make every day determine how we feel, so it’s important to take into account everything from the food we eat, the products we use, and the supplements we take.

But with the endless amount of supplements on the market, it can be pretty confusing to know where to start. As a functional medicine practitioner, I have found that you really only need a small handful of targeted vitamins and supplements that will make the most impact on your health. 

It’s time to stop your search and discover exactly what supplements you should be prioritizing.


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What Supplements Should I Take?

Since there is a supplement for almost everything, it’s essential to pare down your options to ones that are going to give you the maximum benefit. The beautiful thing about your body is that everything is so brilliantly connected. By taking a handful of targeted supplements, you can take care of the key areas of your body that make the biggest difference in how you feel as a whole.

Vitamin D

No other vitamin can hold a candle to vitamin D when it comes to influence over your health. Besides your thyroid hormones, this vitamin is the only other thing every single cell of your body needs in order to function properly. 


Magnesium is a crucial mineral needed for over 300 essential biochemical reactions in your body, including the regulation of neurotransmitters. Up to 80 percent of the population is deficient in this nutrient. 


Research shows that the gut is the foundation for almost all aspects of your health – regardless of whether you are having digestive symptoms or not - from your weight to your hormones. Adding the right probiotics to your daily regimen can make the most impact on your gut health.

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Your brain itself is about 60 percent fat, making fat essential for a healthy brain. Omega-3 Fish oil is packed with healthy fats to nourish your brain.


Inflammation is at the center of every chronic health problem today and turmeric is a spice that contains one of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory tools we know of: curcumin.

Methylated B Complex

B vitamins are the fuel behind methylation, a biochemical process that keeps you alive and healthy by assisting your body’s ability to properly detox

Adrenal support

Hormones are the chemical messengers of the body – each one sending out specific instructions to each organ. When imbalanced, your body’s stress hormone cortisol can lead to adrenal fatigue, inflammation, and blood sugar problems. Adrenal support supplements assist in balancing those hormones.


Our body’s cells are often considered the “building blocks of life.” Antioxidants help stop damage to our cells that happen through the production of free radicals from poor diet and toxin exposure.

Next Steps

Because I believe wellness shouldn’t be confusing, I set out to create my very own line of supplements. That’s where The Collection was born. Instead of spending hours researching on Dr. Google, I wanted to give you all the supplements you need in one place.

I personally curated each of the 9 supplements myself from the earth’s finest ingredients, so you can be confident knowing that they contain only the highest quality ingredients without any unnecessary additives or other junk that can further derail your health goals.

Since all 9 supplements in The Collection work synergistically together to promote thriving health, I wanted to make it even easier for you to get exactly what your body needs with The Collection Bundle.

As one of the first functional medicine telehealth clinics in the world, we provide webcam health consultations for people around the globe. 


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Dr. Will Cole, IFMCP, DNM, DC, leading functional medicine expert, consults people around the world via webcam and locally in Pittsburgh. He received his doctorate from Southern California University of Health Sciences and post doctorate education and training in functional medicine and clinical nutrition. He specializes in clinically researching underlying factors of chronic disease and customizing a functional medicine approach for thyroid issues, autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, and brain problems. Dr. Cole was named one of the top 50 functional medicine and integrative doctors in the nation and is the best selling author of Ketotarian and The Inflammation Spectrum.