Leading functional medicine expert and best-selling author Dr. Will Cole has consulted thousands of people around the world on their health journey. Now is the time for your wellness journey. A manifesto for a new breed of health seekers, The Art Of Being Well is a fresh infusion of grace and lightness into wellness. Here we will explore exciting ways for you to nurture your body, spirit, mind, and relationships. From this place of using self-care as a form of self-respect, you can discover your own metamorphosis.

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Miranda Kerr: Exposing The “Clean” Beauty Industry, Why Certified Organic Matters, Daily Nourishment Rituals + REM Sleep Hacks

What you should actually be looking for when choosing personal beauty products to use on a daily basis.

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Dr. Josh Axe: Superfood Hacks, Collagen Peptides & Bone Broth Benefits + Exactly How to Prioritize Your Mental Health In The Age Of Social Media

Taking the next step in your health journey with everyday, uncomplicated wellness tools, including the best ways to use food as medicine.

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Molly Carmel: Ditching Diet Dogma, Intuitive Eating, and Breaking Free From Toxicity in Diet and Anti-Diet Culture

What to do emotionally and spiritually in the absence of as an alternative to obsessive eating.

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Serena Poon: The Mindset of A Manifestor, Culinary Alchemy, Transcendental Meditation + Self-trust As The New Self Care

How to cultivate your mind through optimizing sleep, transcendental meditation, culinary alchemy, and manifestation.

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