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If you follow me on social media, you probably know by now that I have my own line of supplements, The Art Of Being Well. I’ve gotten some questions lately on supplements and what makes ours different from what you might be able to buy in stores. And there can be huge differences in supplement quality depending on where you get yours from, so it’s important to be aware of these differences. Let’s get into it!


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GMP Standards

Have you heard of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)? It’s a quality assurance measure for medicinal products, including supplements. Adhering to these practices ensures that my supplements are consistently produced and controlled to the highest standards. What it says on the ingredients label is actually what you’re getting, with no contaminants. 

GMP also requires that measures for production and testing are not only defined, but validated, reviewed, and documented, too. Whether you’re getting The Magnesium for relaxation, Brillian-C for an immunity boost, or any of our other supplements, you’ll know the product quality is unparalleled. 

Third-Party Testing

This is a big factor in the supplement world. Most supplements you buy in a store are not third-party tested. If they’re tested at all, it’s likely not by a third party, which means you don’t know whether there is bias or even outright falsehoods. My supplements receive independent third-party analysis, so what is on the label is exactly what you’ll get. 

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NSF Certification

Any supplements you take should be NSF-certified, and ours always are. NSF doesn’t just set out strict standards and procedures about product testing or material analysis. This independent product testing organization also performs regular plant inspections, often unannounced, so you know you can trust their findings. Every aspect of the supplements I’ve developed is thoroughly evaluated by NSF. 

Raw Materials Analysis

Not all raw materials are created equal when it comes to supplements. Not only that, but raw materials on some products might not make it onto the label at all, or there might be ingredients that are listed incorrectly. We use the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) standard for analytical testing, which includes both in-house analyses and external certification programs. 

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State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing 

Advanced technology has one purpose when it comes to supplement manufacturing: to keep you safe. Our manufacturing process uses strategic technology to make sure dosages are created correctly, packaging is carefully sealed yet easy to open, and formulas are the highest possible standard. 

Controlled Environment Storage

Even if a supplement is manufactured to a high standard, you have to think about how the raw materials were stored, and how the storage happens after manufacturing. Our supplements are stored in cutting-edge facilities using industry-leading equipment, such as a drive-in refrigerator for our probiotic and other supplements that are temperature-sensitive. Plus, we have an entire team that manages the environmental controls for all of our supplements. 

Certificates Of Analysis

Each batch of supplements we make are complete with a certificate of analysis showing the quality testing results of every lot. With this type of transparency, you know that what is shown on the supplement label is actually what you’re taking – no more, and no less. Purity matters a lot when it comes to supplements, but you can no longer just take a company’s word for it. You know that with The Art Of Being Well, the composition of each supplement is meticulously designed, created, and analyzed. 

Why Does This Matter? 

I get it; we want wellness to be easy. It should be as simple as going to a store, grabbing a bottle of a vitamin off the shelf, taking it, and experiencing all the benefits it’s supposed to bring. In reality, it’s just not that easy. Big corporations who put profits over people will try to cut corners to save money, at the expense of our health. Even with something as minor as an inexpensive supplement, you don’t want to throw away your money. And that is, unfortunately, what occurs too often, when supplements aren’t tested and quality assured. Because producing a high-quality product is costly, a lot of companies think it’s easier to cut corners and not inform you of it so that you’ll continue buying from them. 

When I created The Art Of Being Well line of products, I knew that purity and quality had to be at the forefront. It’s something I will never compromise on, because you should get what you expect and know you’re making the right choice for your body when you purchase a product to help your health and wellness. 

Whether you want to have gorgeous hair and nails from h o l i ( m a n e ), get rid of chronic inflammation with The Curcumin, or need a dose of calm from The Ashwagandha, I’d be honored to have you try any of my supplements. Be sure to take a picture of what you’ve ordered and tag me on Instagram, too! 

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