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The Art of Being Well

Leading functional medicine expert and best-selling author Dr. Will Cole has consulted thousands of people around the world on their health journey. Now is the time for your wellness journey. A manifesto for a new breed of health seekers, The Art Of Being Well is a fresh infusion of grace and lightness into wellness. Here we will explore exciting ways for you to nurture your body, spirit, mind, and relationships. From this place of using self-care as a form of self-respect, you can discover your own metamorphosis.

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Elise Loehnen: Exploring Out-Of-The-Box Wellness Tools For Body & Soul

A fascinating wellness journey and breaking down the different healing modalities that can make big difference in your life.

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Devi Brown: Overcoming Generational Trauma

Steps for all of us to overcome generational trauma and exactly how it impacts our health.

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Kayla Barnes: Science-Backed Brain Hacks For Mood + Memory + Mental Health

Peeling back the curtain on biohacking so you can use scientific-backed tools to take control of your cognitive function.

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Yung Pueblo: How To Use Spirituality + Meditation To Heal Your Body

Taking you on a fascinating journey of self-discovery through the pursuit of self-healing and self-love.

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Toxins, Social Media & Your Mood + Mental Health Supplements (Ask Me Anything Episode!)

Answering all your questions on addressing mental health through functional medicine with supplements, mental health labs, and foods to focus on.

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Lauren Roxburgh: “The Body Whisperer” On How To Release Unresolved Trauma In The Body

Traverse a journey to holistically heal our bodies with restorative movement, nature therapy, and realigning the mind-body connection.

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