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Miranda Kerr: Exposing The “Clean” Beauty Industry, Why Certified Organic Matters, Daily Nourishment Rituals + REM Sleep Hacks

What you should actually be looking for when choosing personal beauty products to use on a daily basis.


What Do Holistic Doctors Do? A Behind-The-Scenes Look At How They Differ From Conventional MDs

How you can take back control of your health with the help of a holistic doctor.


Mold Toxicity: Rising Symptoms & Treatment

How you can treat mold toxicity with holistic health.


Constipation: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments So You Can Finally Find Relief

Addressing the state of your gut and your overall health.


Dr. Josh Axe: Superfood Hacks, Collagen Peptides & Bone Broth Benefits + Exactly How to Prioritize Your Mental Health In The Age Of Social Media

Taking the next step in your health journey with everyday, uncomplicated wellness tools, including the best ways to use food as medicine.


Vagus Nerve Stimulation: Everything You Need To Know + Exactly Why It Matters

Understanding exactly what the vagus nerve is and how we can use it to our advantage when it comes to our health.


Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Clean Skincare Products

An inside look at our functional medicine clinic and our favorite clean skincare products.


Gluten-Free Pro-Tips, Autoimmune-Inflammation Genes, Best Microbiome Tests + How To Recover From Unhealthy Food Choices (Ask Me Anything Episode! special guests: Functional Medicine Team)

The latest Ask Me Anything episode answering how to get back on track from an unhealthy lifestyle, how to live gluten-free and much more!


15 Bloating Causes, Symptoms, And Signs You Should Pay Attention To

Uncovering the triggers and causes of internal bloating and how to heal your symptoms.


Elle Macpherson: The Art Of Being Elle (Cleanses, Infrared Saunas, Fave Superfoods, Fasting + Glowing Skin)

How to make your life a cleanse for results that last far beyond the New Year.