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The 11 Best Natural Remedies For ADHD, According To A Functional Medicine Expert

11 Natural ADHD management tools to try before medication. Begin with basic nutrients, energy habits, and alternative treatments.

overcome ms

Multiple Sclerosis: The Definitive Functional Medicine Guide To Overcoming This Chronic Condition

Multiple Sclerosis, MS, is a disease which attacks the nervous system. Learn natural remedies to manage symptoms, slow progress and even treat MS.

breathwork adrenal fatigue

What The Ef Is Adrenal Fatigue, Breathwork, Adaptogens + A Patient’s Wellness Journey

Supplements, adaptogens, and breathwork, to heal our brain-adrenal axis circadian rhythm and achieve optimal physical and mental health.

abel james

Abel James: Which Wellness Trends Are Worth It?! (PEMF, Red Light, Heart Rate Variability, Continuous Glucose Monitors)

Learn all about PEMF, Red Light, Heart Rate Variability, Continuous Glucose Monitors and more!

memory loss

Overcome Memory Loss with These 8 Natural Remedies

Explore these powerful natural remedies to improve memory and overall health.

metabolic flexibility

Exactly How To Achieve Metabolic Flexibility (+ Why You Would Want To)

Make your life a cleanse: Begin by optimizing your metabolism to increase energy and promote overall brain and body health.

the omega+

Exactly Why You Need Healthy Fats For Thriving Brain, Hormone, and Gut Health

Everything you need to know about good and bad fats and the benefits of healthy fats for thriving brain, hormone, and gut health.

Healthy Coffee Creamers & Fasting + How To Break Up With Sugar (Ask Me Anything Episode!) Dr. Will Cole

Healthy Coffee Creamers & Fasting + How To Break Up With Sugar (Ask Me Anything Episode!)

Daily coffee consumption, healthy coffee creamers, the depression-stroke connection, and how to break up with sugar.

maejor music

Maejor: Healing Through Music + Sound

The science behind music frequencies and the role of affirmations in our wellness routines.

is butter a health food

Is Butter A Health Food? The Truth About This Controversial Fat

A functional medicine expert discusses butter and dairy, and how they affect your health regarding inflammatory response, sensitivities, & more.