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Balance your body

Exactly How To Detox Your Body To Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Steps to detoxing the body: make your life a cleanse, exercise, meditate to reduce stress, and get adequate sleep.

gut feelings mhph

Gut Feelings: Protocol To Regulate Nervous System, Calm Stress Hormones & Shameflammation

The connection between physical and emotional health, shameflammation, behind the scenes of writing Gut Feelings, and toxic diet culture.

10 herbs

The 10 Best Herbs To Support Your Adrenals + Fight Chronic Fatigue Naturally

Best herbs for adrenal support: ashwagandha, rhodiola, licorice root, maca, holy basil, gingko biloba, eleuthero, schisandra, rooibos

anaa cabeca

Dr. Anna Cabeca: Female Hormone Myths, Natural Remedies, Labs & Protein Intake for Sex Drive, Energy + Weight Loss Plateaus

The realities of perimenopause and menopause, hormone labs, natural remedies for balanced hormones, and how to overcome weight loss plateaus.


Is Shameflammation Sabotaging Your Health? Exactly How To Restore Your Gut-Feelings Connection

Exactly what you need to know about the relationship between your emotions and physical health and how to restore the gut feeling connection.

gwyneth paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow: Her Wellness Protocol For Longevity & Gut Health, Keyboard Warriors, Conscious Uncoupling + Medical Gaslighting

An inside look into GP’s daily wellness routine, the cultural impact of “conscious uncoupling”, and calling out medical gaslighting.

jess cording

Jess Cording: Navigating Caregiving & Grief, Beating Burnout, Blood Sugar Balance, Sleep Hacks + Music Therapy

What it looks like to avoid caretaker “burnout” by prioritizing restorative sleep, managing blood sugar, and using music therapy.

bacterial dysbiosis

Bacterial Dysbiosis: How This Insidious Gut Problem Could Be The Root Of All Your Health Problem

Exactly what you need to know about this gut problem, it’s connection to your physical and emotional health, and how to overcome it naturally.


Feeling Down? Exactly How To Balance Brain Chemicals Naturally To Boost Your Mood

Balancing Neurotransmitters Naturally – Tips for optimizing brain function through diet, exercise, mindfulness & sleep.

spring cleaning

Exactly What You Need To Do To Spring Clean Your Health This Season (+ Beyond!)

Exactly why you need to support your health this season and our best tips for optimizing your sleep, immunity, and overall health!