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immune health

Jonny Bowden: Insulin Resistance, Inflammation, Immune Health + Heart Disease

Cholesterol, insulin resistance, and how to manage your health naturally

Apple Cider

A Functional Medicine Perspective To Apple Cider Vinegar

A powerhouse ingredient you can use regularly.


Exactly How Intermittent Fasting Can Help You Achieve A Healthy Gut

What taking care of your gut can look like.

keto diet

Leanne Vogel: Keto, Carb Cycling, Fasting, Female Hormones, Eating Disorders + Minimalist Lifestyle

Tips and coaching on healing the female body.


Ginger: A Functional Medicine Guide

Advantages to choosing ginger, and why it’s one of my favorites.

Good mood

Eating Healthy Can Make You Happier (Yes, Really!)

Improving Brain health one food item at a time.


Tero Isokauppila: Medicinal Mushrooms, Adaptogens + Shamanic Santa

A detailed dive into adaptogens and how to optimize your energy.


A Supplement Designed To Manage Stress, Recommended By A Functional Medicine Practitioner

A helpful tool to decrease stress in your life.


6 Ways Wellness Goes Beyond Diet + Exercise According To A Functional Medicine Expert

incorporating self-care into your daily life.

fitness & health

Ethan Suplee: Shocking Sustainable Weight Loss + How Shame Hurts Your Health

Saying goodbye to body shame and embracing a healthy lifestyle.