A Functional Medicine Guide To EMFs + How To Protect Your Health

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In my telehealth functional medicine clinic, I teach my patients that food is foundational to health. However, I also teach them that wellness doesn’t begin and end with what’s on their plate.

Unfortunately, our daily environments are filled with toxins, mold, pollution, and other factors that can impact the way we feel. While some of these are obvious, others like to hide in plain sight. One of these lesser known health triggers are electric and magnetic fields - more commonly known as EMFs.


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What are EMFs?

EMFs are invisible areas of energy (radiation) that are produced during the use of electrical power and natural or man-made light. They can be grouped into two categories:

  • Non-ionizing: low-level radiation and is generally considered to be harmless
  • Ionizing: high-level radiation that can cause damage to cells and DNA

Ionizing EMFs are produced by sunlight or X-rays, non-ionizing EMFs are more common and are produced from everyday items such as microwaves, computers, wifi, bluetooth devices, power lines, MRIs, and your cell phone.

The problem is, even though the amount of EMFs produced from these devices are low and not considered a threat, most of us are constantly exposed to EMFs throughout our days. Studies are just beginning to show just how dangerous this long-term EMF exposure can be on our health.

What are the health effects of EMF exposure?

Even though we are still learning about negative side effects of EMF exposure, research has already found it to be linked to some significant health problems.

  1. Increases oxidative stress

Studies have shown that prolonged EMF exposure can increase oxidative stress and lead to tissue damage and breakdown throughout the body.

  1. Impairs cognitive health

Research has also shown that exposure to EMFs can decrease a person’s learning ability and impair overall cognitive health in addition to triggering headaches and chronic fatigue.

How to protect yourself from EMF exposure

In an ideal world, you’d just stop using EMF producing devices altogether. But considering how reliant we are on technology, that’s just not realistic.

That’s why I love Somavedic and recommend it to every single one of my patients. Instead of blocking EMFs, this device works hard to protect your body by restoring it’s equilibrium after EMF exposure to lower blood pressure, heart rate variability, enhance blood oxygen levels, and improve cellular regeneration.

But how does it work? All Somavedic models are designed on the principle of a controlled release of energy from precious and semi-precious stones located inside the device's core that creates a coherent field. Just one device reaches across 100 feet in all directions, penetrating through walls and floors. 

Somavedic has been independently tested and is scientifically proven to improve cell regeneration, enhance sleep quality, alleviate stress, and restore energy levels. Many customers also reported a reduced frequency in their chronic headaches and migraines.

Somavedic’s newest model “Vedic” is the newer updated version of their best selling “Medic Green” but with 50% more strength. It also structures drinking water to be the most bio-available state of water for our bodies.

Plus, they offer a 5 year warranty and a 60-day money back guarantee, making your entire purchase completely risk free!

So take the first step in protecting you and your loved one’s health from EMFs and invest in Somavedic today.

As one of the first functional medicine telehealth clinics in the world, we provide webcam health consultations for people around the globe.

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