Leading Functional Medicine Doctor’s Favorite Biohacking Routines For Longevity & Energy

Want to know what I do every day to maintain my wellness? Discover my favorite biohacking routines.

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Supplements to Balance Hormones During Menopause

If you’re entering menopause or are struggling with menopause symptoms, there are supplements you can benefit from taking a closer look at.

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Natural, Permanent Weight Loss Is Possible — Here’s How To Do It

Carrying extra body weight can feel impossible to get rid of! Learn how to lose weight fast, naturally, and permanently in a way that works for YOUR body.

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A Guide To Intermittent Fasting To Heal Your Gut

One of the best benefits of intermittent fasting is better gut health. IF can diversify your microbiome, reduce inflammation, and speed up your metabolism.

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The Evidence-Based Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting can benefit your body in a ton of ways! The most frequent I see with my patients are improvements in digestion, brain fog, and energy.

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How Air Pollution Is Bad For Your Health (And What To Do)

Air pollution is harmful to your health and that of your children. Here’s what to be aware of and how to mitigate the risks to your family.

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The Real Benefits Of Salt Caves (Halotherapy), Plus A Little History

Salt caves can help clear your sinuses, improve the health of your skin, and even improve your mood. Learn about how salt caves and halotherapy work!

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The Alpha-Gal Syndrome + Red Meat Connection

This syndrome, caused by a lone star tick bite, can trigger allergic reactions to meat. But what can you do about it to lessen your symptoms, and return to being able to eat what you want?

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How To Clear Up Hormonal Acne Fast And Naturally

Learn how to clear up hormonal acne fast. Treat breakouts topically with gentle exfoliation and balance your hormones with diet and lifestyle changes.

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How To Do An Elimination Diet: Meal Plans, Benefits, and Tips

How to do an elimination diet to optimize your health by identifying food triggers and healing your gut. Learn the health benefits and get a 2-day meal plan!

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The Best Supplements To Elevate A Ketogenic Diet

This is your blog post title. The ketogenic diet has gone from virtually unknown to mainstream in record time. It may seem like everyone you know is trying this easy-to-follow diet, that makes weight loss a snap, and may quickly resolve symptoms of less-than-optimal health. As a functional medicine practitioner, the ketogenic diet isn’t new…

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The Ultimate Health + Wellness Holiday Gift Guide

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Email With the holidays right around the corner, most of us are in the midst of shopping for the perfect gift for those special people in our lives. When it comes to gifts there is nothing more universal than the gift of wellness. From non-toxic cleaning products, to delicious healthy snacks,…

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All About Ashwagandha: The Wellness World’s Most-Loved Adaptogen

This is your blog post title. One of the wellness world’s favorite tools these days are adaptogens – powerful herb and plant medicines that help the body adapt to stress and regain balance. Health-oriented businesses love to highlight these plant substances – from Ginseng and Holy Basil to medicinal mushrooms – by creating elixirs, recipes,…

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Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Gifts For Dad

Each June we get the chance to honor our fathers and the role they have played in our lives. Father’s Day is a chance to be intentional with showing our dads just how much we appreciate the hard work they put into raising us and the love that they have for us. While our dads…

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Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Gifts for Mom

Every May we get the chance to celebrate all that our moms have done for us. While we should treasure our moms year-round, Mother’s day is an opportunity to go the extra mile and honor all the sacrifices and hard-work that went into raising us into the people we are today. Gifts are just one…

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