Intuitive Fasting: Flexible Intermittent Fasting, Female Hormones, Fat Burners, Longevity, Ketotarian + Carb Cycling

art of being well Intuitive Fasting

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In this episode, I give you the ability to take control of your hunger and health by making intermittent fasting intuitive. You’ll get in touch with your instinctive eating patterns and become healthier and more mindful about how and when you eat. When your body is out of balance, it can be very difficult to discern what it needs to build vibrant wellness. My book, Intuitive Fasting will show you how to find metabolic flexibility—and once you’ve reached metabolic flexibility, you can intuitively trust your body!

A few of my favorite things I cover in this episode:

  • What is intuitive fasting and how it can change your life
  • The topic of inflammation and how this leads to imbalance and potential autoimmunity within the body
  • The history and cultural background behind fasting 
  • The “Intuitive Fasting Principles” and their benefits
  • Metabolic Flexibility – and how to know if you are a sugar burner.
  • How ketosis helps our cellular DNA – and other benefits!
  • Inflammatory labs and the ranges we consider optimal
  • How fasting changes and improves the gut
  • Specific fasting windows and their advantages as outlined in “Intuitive Fasting”
  • Fasting for women and how it relates to balancing hormones and optimal wellness





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