The One Supplement This Functional Medicine Expert Takes To Support Cellular Energy

The One Supplement This Functional Medicine Expert Takes To Support Cellular Energy Dr. Will Cole

This post is sponsored by ChromaDex, the makers of TRU NIAGEN®, but all opinions expressed within are my own. I have been using TRU NIAGEN for over 8 weeks now and will continue taking it after experiencing such positive results.

We all want to stay looking and feeling youthful. As we age, many of us experience a drop in energy and begin to see the outward physical signs of aging. While there is unfortunately no real foundation of eternal youth, there are many things we can do to take care of our bodies to mitigate and slow down the aging process.

As a functional medicine practitioner, I am always studying the latest scientific research to stay up-to-date with the most cutting-edge research on maintaining optimal health at any age. The last thing we need is a quick fix serum or expensive supplement packed with unhealthy additives claiming to fix our health woes but in reality, don’t end up doing much good at all.

When TRU NIAGEN® reached out to partner with me to try their unique form of vitamin B3 for myself, I jumped at the chance to experience first hand this next-level supplement. My day often consists of meeting with patients, recording podcasts, and writing, in addition to numerous tasks involved with running a functional medicine clinic. Needless to say, my days are exhausting and I knew I needed something that would sustainably support my cellular energy to help me get through my days.

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Tru Niagen works to increase your body’s NAD levels – an essential coenzyme that our cells rely on to produce energy and maintain our overall health with each passing year. Your body contains trillions of cells (1) altogether that combine to make up various areas of your body such as bones, muscles, and your body’s largest organ – the skin – which are all vital to your overall health. Because you are made up of cells, keeping your cells healthy is critical for maintaining overall health.

NAD is used by our bodies for everything from eating to breathing, but levels of this important molecule are not constant. As we age our NAD levels decrease. They can drop as much as 50 percent between your 40s and 60s! But even if you are still basking in your youth, stressors like high alcohol intake and overeating can deplete your NAD levels. So, even though I needed more cellular energy, I am also not getting any younger and want to be proactive about taking care of my inner health.

For 8 weeks I took 2 Tru Niagen capsules at the same time every morning. Each capsule contains 150mg of cellular support that replenishes my NAD levels. Made up of the highest-quality ingredients and with it being gluten-free, nut-free, caffeine-free, vegetarian, free of animal byproducts, and artificial colors and flavors, I felt more than comfortable adding it into my Ketotarian lifestyle. Eating a plant-based keto diet already enhances my energy with the intake of clean healthy fats and detoxifying vegetables, but Tru Niagen was the perfect addition to elevate the energy boosting effects of my diet and really target the health of my cells.

Not only did I notice a difference after the first few days of taking Tru Niagen, I could feel a difference in my overall energy as the weeks went on. With this noticeable of a difference I know it is something I will make a permanent part of my wellness routine as NAD is something that is constantly needing to be built up in your body.

The One Supplement This Functional Medicine Expert Takes To Support Cellular Energy Dr. Will Cole 1

As a functional medicine practitioner I always advocate for food as medicine over constant supplementation. Vitamin B3 is found in many whole-food sources such as grass-fed liver and beef, wild-caught salmon, avocados, and mushrooms. While these are still fantastic resources of this nutrient, Tru Niagen’s form of vitamin B3 has some unique properties that put it a step ahead of the rest. This makes it the perfect supplement for those needing a boost of this nutrient even after loading up on these B3-rich food sources. Tru Niagen is the ultimate compliment to my ketotarian lifestyle and something that I would recommend to anyone wanting to help their cells thrive and reap the rewards of healthy aging and increased cellular energy production in the process.

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