Dr. Cole's AHR program has helped me tremendously on my health journey and has ben a beacon of light.


I began working with the Dr. Will Cole team in 2022 after identifying some changes in my overall health status as I began navigating through perimenopause. Since that time, my symptoms of lethargy, brain fog, sleeplessness, etc. have gotten progressively better! The journey to optimal health is certainly a commitment, but having a dedicated team ... Continue Reading


I’ve been working with Dr. Cole and his experienced health coaches for the last year. I’m blessed to be a grandma of three and 73 years old. Alternative medicine is not new to me, as I began having issues in my 40’s. Food allergies, rashes, compulsive eating - yet steadily losing weight, impaired sleep, bone ... Continue Reading


So very thankful to have found Dr Cole and his team. I was a fan of the podcast for about 8 months until I took the leap and became a patient. I've spent 8+ years looking for answers from many different doctors. Dr Cole and his team were the first to really look deep into ... Continue Reading


Dr. Will Cole and Team have been a tremendous help in my recovery back to Self. They uncovered things that many doctors had yet to mention or notice. The lab work is thorough and they provide an in depth overview and suggestions based upon the findings. I have been a patient under active care since ... Continue Reading


I just had a diagnostic appointment with Andrea from Dr. Cole's team. She was extremely knowledgeable and was great at explaining the results to me. Andrea was super kind and thorough, even relating to me by sharing her own experiences. Dr. Cole and his team found a hidden issue that I would never guessed and ... Continue Reading


I found Dr. Cole after many years of not being well. I had some great doctors and naturopath who helped me a lot, but just never quite enough. I would get better for a while then sick again. I accidentally discovered Dr. Cole's AHR program and set up a virtual contact consultation. I was scared ... Continue Reading


I completed Dr. Will Cole’s Autoimmune Health Reset Program and the results are tangible in so many areas.  As someone who has seen functional medicine doctors for over a decade, this is the most wholistic and comprehensive approach I have experienced. I will be forever grateful for the health foundation I received through this program. ... Continue Reading


I had an absolutely amazing experience with Dr. Will Cole’s practice. Megan consulted me, sharing not only her insane wealth of knowledge, but also her thorough, comprehensive, and compassionate execution of a care plan. The seamless follow-through relieved any stress of finding solutions on my own. I am so thankful for Megan and couldn’t be ... Continue Reading


I have seen Dr. Cole and his office for about two months now, and I am already seeing great results! I feel less fatigued and am pleased with their findings within my diagnostic tests, including bloodwork and saliva samples. I appreciate how attentive he and his staff are and look forward to continuing to feel ... Continue Reading


 Just absolutely amazing group to work with. After years of living with different chronic pain, always being tired and not getting the answers as to why this was going on with me we decided to contact Dr. Cole's office and through the testing they were able to discover the true cause of my illness. The ... Continue Reading


I am so happy to have found Dr. Cole’s program. I have learned through his autoimmune reset protocol how to ease my UC flares through specific healthy foods and natural supplements. 


I’m so grateful for Dr. Cole and his team. I found them when I was at rock bottom with my health and it felt like no practitioner was listening or taking my symptoms seriously. Through partnering with their team for years, I’ve been able to work towards healing and get to the root cause of ... Continue Reading


As someone who’s tried everything and seen multiple specialists, I came to accept that I had fibromyalgia and debilitating migraines at just 29 years old. It wasn’t until I met with Dr. Cole’s team that someone finally acknowledged how frustrating it truly was and that there might be hope. While it is expensive, I finally ... Continue Reading


After 7 years of mysterious health issues, I am finally seeing the light working with Dr. Cole and his team. The comprehensive testing they ordered gave me so much validation and clarity to the mold toxicity, gut issues, nutritional deficiencies and hormone imbalances I have spent thousands of dollars and most of my 30s trying ... Continue Reading


I can't speak highly enough of Will Cole and his amazing team. It has completely changed my life I am so unbelievably grateful. I've had unexplained health issues for over 25 years & seen countless doctors who dismissed my concerns. I have worked with the team for 4 months now, doing the concierge program. After ... Continue Reading


For the past 2 years, I have been so sick that I have completely lost all quality of life. I've been watching my family and friends go about their lives while I've been incapacitated with an autoimmune disorder. Conventional medicine has failed me. Dr. Cole, a functional medicine doctor, is the only one who has ... Continue Reading


After years of disappointment in our sick care system, finding Dr. Cole has completely renewed my faith in what healthcare should be. His incredible team has helped pinpoint the root of my issues, rather than covering them up with band-aids. They are light years ahead of “modern medicine” in terms of knowledge regarding our increasingly ... Continue Reading


Dr. Cole and his team have changed my perspective on healing. I had so much fear, including fear of food, fear of worsening symptoms, fear of doing the “wrong” thing etc.  By reading his books and then eventfully signing up as a patient. I found a world of healing and education that I started to ... Continue Reading


I’m so thankful that I found Dr. Will Cole and his team. I’ve spent the last 12 years struggling with chronic pain, fatigue, and anxiety stemming from multiple autoimmune diseases. The AHR program has given me the tools needed to heal my body and mind. The whole team, including my health coach Woodbury, were helpful, ... Continue Reading


I can't say enough positive things about Dr.Cole, Megan and the team at the Telehealth center.  They've been so kind, communicative, and informative throughout my healing journey.  I've learned so much about how to address my health issues and know I'm on the right path and chose the right place to help me.

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