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With the new school year starting across the country, it makes us a little nostalgic. Every new year came with a shopping trip to pick out new school supplies and the promise of a blank planner to fill with all of our activities, homework, and social events. While we are no longer in school, the desire to start fresh and get organized is still there. These are our favorite tools that help keep us organized in all aspects of our life including our schedules and our possessions.

Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Organization Products Dr. Will Cole

Janice Dietrich – Large Weekly Planner

Having the right planner just makes me feel like I have my life together, but the keyword is “right”. I love JStory’s planner because there are no dates so if I don’t use it for a week (or month) I don’t waste any of it.

Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Organization Products Dr. Will Cole 1

Andrea Cogley – Tea Bag Organizer

As a tea lover, I always have a bunch of different varieties on hand depending on what I feel like at the time. With this much tea, I’ve found that boxes take up too much space or I am left with a giant stack of tea bags that I have to sift through to find what I want. But once I found this tea bag organizer it was a game changer! It fits right in my cabinet and holds over 100 bags of tea!

Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Organization Products Dr. Will Cole 2

Emily Miller – Spark Joy by Marie Kondo

If I am being honest, organization is not one of my strong suits. However, after seeing Marie Kondo transform homes I was truly inspired to get on board. As a follow-up to her first book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, this book offers step-by-step illustrations for folding clothes and organizing various items which is perfect for giving me a visual of how to practically execute the concepts she talks about in both of these books.

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Cate Kindt – Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle

I highly recommend this water bottle as it is so much more than just a vessel for liquid. This bottle tracks your water intake for you automatically and synchronizes the data to almost any smart device via Bluetooth. It also reminds you of when you need to drink more water, which is half the battle! For forgetful and/or busy people like me, this is a game changer.

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Ashley Lees – Budget Planner

With working, being a mom of a 6 month old, doing chores, cooking, running errands, and more, doing bills is something I often forget about or don’t have enough time to do. This was something I struggled with until I started using Boxclever Press Budget Book. It has helped tremendously and have never forgot a bill since!

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Yvette Johnstone – Electronic Organizer

Since I love to travel, and I also have a lot of electronics that I like to bring with me, this organizer is the perfect solution to store all of my chargers, ipad, etc. I love how it lays completely flat making it easy to slip into my backpack or to lay inside my carry-on suitcase. It is also great to keep everything organized even when I’m at home so I know where everything is at all times – no unpacking or repacking necessary.

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Megan Rupp – Refrigerator Calendar

I love this magnetic calendar that I can hang right on the fridge. It might be a little “old-school” but it allows me to see my monthly schedule every morning so I can keep track of appointments, birthdays, and meetings!

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