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In this episode I sit down with health expert and Cymbiotika co-founder, Chervin Jafarieh as he lets us in on his longevity secrets to achieving a longer, healthier life. In order to know how to live longer, we first take a look at what lifestyle and food factors cause our bodies to break down over time. From increasing hydration, improving water quality, adaptogens, nootropics and harnessing the earth's medicine, we learn just how much power we actually have over the choices that determine our healthspan and lifespan.

A few of my favorite things we cover this episode:

  • A look into the tools to help support healthy longevity and protect our bodies from breaking down overtime
  • How many of us are lacking proper hydration and the effects that dehydration plays on our health
  • What we can do to begin improving our water quality, both consumed and applied onto the body
  • How we can optimize our brain health through the adaptogenic powers of ancient nutrients found within the earth
  • The fundamental rituals that help create faculty in our own personal empowerment and lives

Links to things I talked about in this episode:

  • Berkey Filters
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Happy listening and we hope you learned a little bit more about the art of being well!

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