Jedediah Bila: Overcoming Chronic Lyme, Long COVID + How To Ghost Your Cell Phone to Take Back Your Life


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I sit down with my friend Jedediah Bila - a two-time Emmy Award nominee, who has been a host of ABC’s The View and Fox News' Fox & Friends Weekend. Diagnosed with chronic lyme disease, and later experiencing long COVID symptoms, she struggled with debilitating symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, vertigo, and an unhealthy gut all while trying to hold it together on live TV. Learn how she took back control over her health and her life in this empowering episode.

Jedediah Bila is a mom, wife, daughter, and superhero wannabe. A two-time Emmy-nominated TV host and author, Bila grew up in Staten Island, New York, with her mom, dad, and cat, Scungilli. Dad worked for a small stamp and coin business, Mom taught acting classes out of the living room, and Scungilli scratched up the couch and drove Mom and Dad a little crazy. Jedediah loved that charming two-and-a-half-bedroom condo, which was often filled with the aroma of freshly cooked marinara sauce and the sounds of her grandparents telling funny stories in Italian.

As a Fox News Contributor, Bila regularly co-hosted Outnumbered and The Five, and guest-hosted Red Eye. She began speaking at universities and events around the country. In 2016, while at Fox News, she began guest co-hosting Season 19 of ABC’s The View. She was cast as a permanent co-host for The View’s historic 20th season and earned two Daytime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host during her tenure there. Bila hosted a Lifetime special, Abby Tells All, in the summer of 2017. 

The following year, Bila released #DoNotDisturb: How I Ghosted My Cell Phone to Take Back My Life (Harper) and did an extensive book tour in New York and Los Angeles, hitting NBC’s Today, ABC’s The View and GMA, Hallmark’s Home & Family, and a wide range of cable news, digital, and local news programming. In April of 2019, she was named co-host of Fox and Friends Weekend, where she remained until May of 2021. 

Bila speaks from the heart on everything from politics and relationships to pop culture and wellness. She values good, honest, respectful conversation and considers herself a pretty simple girl from Staten Island with an opinion on just about everything. She believes in the healing power of exercise, healthy food, and getting outdoors as much as possible. In her spare time, she reads memoirs, writes her heart out, watches 80s and 90s movies, and dreams about blue oceans and pink sunsets. She’ll skydive with you, take the front seat on any roller coaster with you, and be down to visit your favorite Halloween haunted house.

A few of my favorite things we cover this episode:

  • An introduction to Jedediah’s new book Dear Hartley and how personal values are important in keeping a steady anchor on your health
  • All about Jedidiah’s experience with chronic lyme disease and long COVID symptoms and how she was able to recover her health through nutrition and wellness improvements
  • The significance of trusting your body’s signals in regards to enriching your overall health
  • The best practices to manage stressors you encounter during your health journey
  • How to grapple the challenge of parenting children while implementing healthy dietary choices
  • How limiting technology can restore the power of human connection

Links to things we talked about in this episode:

Happy listening and we hope you learned a little bit more about the Art of Being Well!

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