Dan Churchill: How To Eat Like A Legend & See The Best Fitness Gains Of Your Life

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Join Dr. Will Cole for an enlightening conversation with Dan Churchill, a NYC-based performance chef and author with a deep understanding of exercise science. Dive into Dan's expertise as he shares insights on staying active, optimizing recovery, and preventing injuries as a runner. Explore Dan's latest book, "Eat Like a Legend," where he unveils his innovative approach to nutrition. Dan shares insights into balancing the demanding role of an executive chef with personal pursuits and maintaining optimal health through proper protein consumption, electrolyte balance, and supplements. This episode is full of practical tips for anyone seeking to enhance their well-being. For all links mentioned in this episode, visit www.drwillcole.com/podcast.

Dan Churchill is a NYC-based performance chef and published author with a Masters in Exercise Science. He is the Executive Chef at The Osprey restaurant at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, and the CEO + Founder of the production company The Epic Table. A regular on the Drew Barrymore Show and GMA He is known for colorful cooking designed to be easy, inexpensive, and highly nutritious, as well as his dedication to fitness and human performance. He currently owns and operates the production company The Epic Table.

A few of my favorite things we cover in this episode: 

  • The emerging trend of recovery and optimal recovery strategies.
  • Exploring Dan’s preferred methods for physical activity and staying active.
  • Dan’s extensive experience in running, including his favorite footwear and injury prevention techniques.
  • Prioritizing the importance of stretching in one's fitness routine.
  • Highlighting Dan’s top choices for red light therapy tools.
  • Delving into Dan’s perspective on zone two exercise and its impact on mitochondrial and metabolic health.
  • Introducing Dan’s latest book, "Eat Like a Legend," and his unique approach to nutrition.
  • Managing the demanding role of an executive chef alongside other personal interests and commitments.
  • Dan’s insights on protein consumption, electrolyte balance, and the role of supplements in his regimen.

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Happy listening and we hope you learned a little bit more on the art of being well!

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