Aaron Alexander: Motion Medicine – The Movement & Posture Techniques To Realign Your Physical & Mental Health


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In this episode, I sit down with movement coach and manual therapist, Aaron Alexander. With over a decade of professional coaching experience under his belt, he walks us through his Align Method that combines yoga, chiropractic, and martial arts inspired movement for longevity, energy levels, less anxiety, and more. Plus, we take a look at how poor posture and our daily lifestyle habits hurt not just our physical health, but our emotions as well. If you're ready to go beyond diet and supplements and start incorporating healthy movement into your life, look no further than this expert episode.

Aaron Alexander CR, LMT, CPT (NASM) is an accomplished manual therapist and movement coach with over 13 years of professional experience. He is the founder of the Align Method, an integrated approach to functional movement and self-care that has helped thousands of people out of pain and into health. He hosts the top-rated Align Podcast featuring the biggest names in movement and wellness. Aaron’s clients include Hollywood celebrities, Olympic/professional athletes and everyone in between. He teaches workshops and speaks at events all over the world. In his new book, The Align Method (Dec 2019), Aaron shares ways to age-proof your body, using movement techniques inspired by yoga, martial arts, chiropractic skills, and more. Readers gain massive long-term health benefits, toned muscles, new ways to alleviate pain, a faster metabolism, reduced anxiety, better sexual performance, and increased energy.

A few of my favorite things we cover this episode:

  • A look into how Aaron’s therapeutic Align Method can help us naturally intune with our bodies
  • How living a kyphotic-posture lifestyle can physically harm our mental and physical wellbeing
  • Some of the modern lifestyle choices we have accepted overtime that are doing more harm than good to our bodies
  • How to leverage the way others perceive you in a healthy way
  • The steps you can take to get the best poops of your life!

Links to things we talked about in this episode:

Happy listening and we hope you learned a little bit more about the art of being well!

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In health,

Dr. Will Cole

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