Why You Should Give Up Your Antiperspirant For A Natural Deodorant

Why You Should Give Up Your Antiperspirant For A Natural Deodorant Dr. Will Cole

Many people who complain of body odor are not aware that it’s not sweating but the bacteria that live on our skin which causes the foul smell. Bacteria metabolize the proteins and fatty acids present in sweat, causing body odor and deodorants work by neutralizing and killing the bacteria.

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Antiperspirants work differently. Instead of fighting the odor, they bypass sweat altogether, blocking your pores with aluminum. Without sweat, the bacteria have no proteins or fatty acids to metabolize and therefore you don’t smell.

Health Risks of Antiperspirants

However, synthetic antiperspirants containing aluminum pose certain health risks. Studies have shown that aluminum applied topically through antiperspirants with aluminum salts such as aluminum hydrochloride, aluminum chloride or aluminum-zirconium complexes, can be absorbed into your body.

Once the aluminum enters your body, it spreads until it reaches your brain. The short- term side effects include memory loss, learning difficulties, lack of coordination, disorientation, mental confusion, cramps, heartburn, flatulence and headaches. Research has shown that there is a higher incidence of Alzheimer’s, in people who have more contact with aluminum.

A good way to minimize contact with aluminum is to use an aluminum-free deodorant, preferably made with natural ingredients.

What Makes Aluminum-Free Deodorants the Safer Option

Aluminum-free deodorants are made using natural ingredients. Since no chemicals are used in their manufacturing, these deodorants are safe to use, even on sensitive skin.

The base ingredient used in aluminum-free deodorants is baking soda which helps with the absorption of moisture and sweat from your skin, thereby reducing body odor. It also kills what comes in contact with it. These deodorants also contain coconut oil, beeswax and corn starch which lock in the baking soda which results in keeping the armpits dry while allowing the skin to breathe.

Aside from the base ingredients, some brands that offer natural-deodorant  contains ingredients such as a blend of certified 100% pure organic oils comprising orange, lemongrass,  bergamot, lime,  vanilla, cedarwood, ylang ylang, frankincense and geranium.

Whilst other brands on the other hand contain Shea Butter,  antibacterial organic camellia tea oil, organic virgin coconut oil, and vitamin E. It also has arrowroot, kaolin clay, essential oils such as cajeput, peppermint, clove, mandarin, rose geranium, lavender, and lime. These ingredients combine to keep your body smelling fresh all day long.

How to Use Aluminum-Free Deodorants

Aluminum-Free deodorants typically come in the form of a paste and not as a spray or roll-on. To use it you need to dab a tiny amount on your finger and apply it like a moisturizing cream on your armpits, gently rubbing it until it dissolves.

As a precautionary measure, it is not recommended to use deodorants immediately after shaving as the skin in this region is super sensitive. Shaving creates a number of tiny cuts to the skin which could have an adverse reaction when it comes in contact with baking soda.

Whether you decide to use aluminum-free deodorants or not, always remember to hydrate yourself regularly by drinking an adequate amount of water. Water helps to flush out toxins from the body. Expelling toxins in this way will help in significantly reducing your body odor.

If you have a natural tendency to sweat, replenishing lost fluids is very important for your body to function normally. Using an aluminum-free natural deodorant and drinking sufficient water will go a long way in keeping you smelling fresh and clean throughout the day.

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