Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Wellness Tech Products

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The rise of technology has resulted in a lot of innovative tools that help make reaching our wellness goals a little easier. While it’s sometimes necessary to unplug for a little while, we can’t deny the benefits of these technological advancements. These are our favorite health-related tech products that have changed the game for us the most.

Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Wellness Tech Products Dr. Will Cole

Emily Miller – Sleep Mask Headphones

When it comes to sleep, I have always been an advocate for having a healthy routine. Making sure I’m getting enough sleep and avoiding any blue light before bed are go-to practices, but circumstances like traveling can get in the way of getting the best rest. One of my favorite tools is my sleep mask headphones! These are comfortable and also allow me to listen to relaxing music, podcasts, meditation, or white noise when needed. They are great for travel or if you need an extra sleep support.

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Brinna Castle – Essential Oil Car Diffuser

As someone who is constantly on-the-go, I spend a lot of time in my car, therefore it’s important for me to create a healthy environment in my car. That’s why I’m so glad the benefits of essential oils don’t have to stop when I leave my home! I just pop the Vital Extracts diffuser into an outlet in my car with my favorite oil and it’s ready to go! It’s small, convenient, and it comes in a variety of colors. I’m obsessed!

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Megan Rupp – Apple Watch

The apple watch was an investment but it has helped my health and physical activity tremendously! It counts my stand hours, physical activity minutes, and active calories in a day. It really puts into perspective how much I sit during the day and challenges me to keep moving for better health!

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Andrea Cogley – Joovv Light

One of the things that has been most beneficial to me on my own personal health journey is the Joovv light! This has helped tremendously with overall inflammation and joint pain (especially in my hands!). It’s so easy to use and takes my self-care to another level.

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Janice Dietrich – AeroGarden Harvest

I love cooking with fresh herbs but between the Pittsburgh winters and living on the third floor of an apartment (ugh), I don’t have my dream herb garden just yet. Thankfully, my AeroGarden Harvest helps me have fresh herbs on hand all the time without worrying about soil or watering them.

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Yvette Johnstone – UFO Smart Mask

Instead of purchasing a bunch of different face masks for different results, UFO utilizes LED, cold cryotherapy, and heat in combination with a pre-treated pad with various serums to achieve the results of a face mask without all the wait time and clean up. Beauty and efficiency at its best.

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