Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Teas

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It’s no secret that as a clinic we all love tea. While coffee is loved as well, tea provides so many different health benefits we can’t help but fill up our cups. No matter what your health problem or goal, there’s likely to be a tea to out there to help – and with a variety of flavors to choose from, there’s a tea for everyone! These are our personal favorites.

Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Teas Dr. Will Cole

Janice Dietrich – TAZO Chai Tea

I’m fully obsessed with just about anything with cinnamon, so it’s no surprise my favorite tea is TAZO Chai Tea. My favorite part is that they have caffeinated and decaf chai tea options for anytime of day!

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Yvette Johnstone – Zevia Organic Tea

I usually prefer coffee but when I do drink tea I choose iced over hot. Zevia the maker of my favorite healthy sodas just came out with a lightly sweetened version of iced tea in some of my favorite flavors – raspberry, lemon, and peach, as well as just plain black and green tea.

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Cate Kindt – Stash Organic Lavender-Tulsi Tea

This tea is an adaptogenic tea due to the addition of Tulsi, otherwise known as holy basil! Tulsi aids in alleviating stress and more restful sleep. This is my favorite tea to drink to unwind from the day. Whether it be from work or traveling, this tea is my stress relief, and it tastes great with the addition of lavender.

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Andrea Cogley – Pique Tea Sun Goddess Matcha

I love all things matcha. I’m always on the search for good quality matcha wherever I am, but its sometimes hard to find on the go. Pique tea delivered with this ceremonial grade matcha in their signature tea crystals. Since they dissolve in both hot and cold water I can have high-quality matcha whenever I want without compromising quality or flavor.

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Emily Miller – GTS Lavender Love Kombucha

If we are being honest, if given the option of coffee or tea I’ve always chosen my go to coffee. However, ever since I was introduced to the fermented tea called kombucha, it has changed my life! Not only is it so refreshing, but the healthy bacteria is a great food medicine for my gut!

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