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As we kick-off into the coming months of summer festivities outdoor plans are most likely on everyone’s radar after months of being stuck indoors. Feeling the sun on your shoulders is one of the best feelings. It’s important to get in your vitamin D since every single cell in your body needs it to function optimally. Since we can’t get ample amounts from food, supplementing with enough sun exposure is important. However, too much can leave us with nasty burns especially for those who are fair skinned (like me)! These products are some of our favorite to help facilitate proper exposure to this important sunshine vitamin!


Brianna T. - Beauty Counter

"Born and raised in Florida, I LOVE the sun so much! However, I know how important it is to protect my skin from over exposure. Some of my favorite sun protection hacks are: ALWAYS wearing a hat while out in the sun for long periods of time, reapplying my favorite mineral sunscreen by Beauty Counter every couple of hours, keeping my body hydrated by drinking plenty of electrolytes, and seeking shade as much as possible during the highest UV's of the day (between 10-2pm). Sun on our skin is healing, but too much can easily lead to long term damage!"


Danielle S. - Supergoop Sunscreen

"For the past couple years I have been using SUPERGOOP for sun protection for my face. I love the unseen sunscreen for its glides on nicely and lays flat underneath my makeup. It also helps with not allowing the pigmentation on my face to not darken. It is perfect for everyday wear. I tried multiple sunscreens for my face and this one is the best!"


Emily M. - Thinkbaby Clear Zinc Sunscreen

"Summertime means a lot of pool time and outdoor exploring for our family. While we try to be mindful about using alternative methods for sun protection, there are times where we do find it necessary for sunscreen. When this is the case, we love the THINK brand for their EWG verified sunscreen options. I love being able to find clean non toxic options right at my local grocery store!"


Erin F. - Paula's Choice Skin Restoring Moisturizer

"I have always loved taking care of my skin, but in the summer I kick it up a notch trying my best to keep my skin hydrated! Paula's choice skin restoring moisturizer helps me do that! This facial moisturizer leaves my face feeling soft, hydrated, and protected with SPF 50 without looking or feeling greasy, It's truly one of my favorites!"


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Erin T. - THINKsport

"THINKsport mineral sunscreen spray is my favorite sun protection product for long summer days spent outside! I love it because sheer spray is easy to apply, and it holds up well during super-active days on land or in the water. Also, it's free of the harmful ingredients that won't wreck havoc on my skin or the ocean. This product checks off all of the boxes!"


Lauren B. - CeraVe

"For my everyday morning routine, I always apply the CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 30 built in. I am very fair so the added bonus of sun protection is so important for me, especially in the warmer months! I also really try to utilize protective gear when I know I will be in the sun for long periods of time-- a big floppy hat with built in UV protection is my go to!"


Megan R. - Blue Lizard Sunscreen

"I try to be smart about my sun exposure, but when I'm on vacation and in the sun for long stretches of time I use Blue Lizard Sunscreen! I love their sensitive mineral sunscreen because it is paraben and fragrance free, consisting of natural ingredients like zinc. The fact that it is made without Oxybenzone or Octinoxate to help protect fragile reef ecosystems is a definite plus for my environmental side!"

Yvette J. - CocoKind Sunscreen

"While I try to avoid wearing too much sunscreen, my fair complexion doesn't let me spend hours in the sun without a little protection. I love CocoKind's Daily SPF Facial Sunscreen because it isn't loaded with an endless amount of chemicals. In fact, the Environmental Working Group ranks it as one of the safer options on the market. Plus, it's non-greasy which is essential for a product I am putting on my face."

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Dr. Will Cole - LMNT

"I can spend most of the day outside basking in the sun. My skin handles the sun pretty well, but I can end up dehydrated if I am not strategic with my water intake. That's why I love adding LMNT electrolytes to my water bottle while I am sitting by the pool. This way, I know I am doubling my hydration efforts with each sip."

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