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While it’s normal to be faced with stress occasionally (who wouldn’t be with how busy our daily lives get?) what’s not normal is chronic, ongoing stress! This never ending parade of stress isn’t doing your physical health any favors with studies showing that it can trigger and perpetuate health problems like gut dysfunction and autoimmune conditions. Unfortunately, we we can’t all run off to a tropical island and leave our worries behind. However, we can use natural tools to promote a state of calm and help lower your body's stress response. Here are some of my functional medicine team's favorite self-care tools to unwind and destress!

The Magnesium_5.29oz_OPMAGNL_COLEWIL

Andrea C. - The Magnesium

"Part of my self care is sleep! Over the years of my own personal healing journey I have realized how important sleep is for me. To ensure that I am at my calmest and most rested I like to take magnesium before bed. I have found by incorporating this into my sleep routine I am more well rested when I wake."


Brianna T. - Primally Pure

"Over the years I have learned how important self care truly is! Something I love to prioritize is using only the cleanest ingredients on my skin. My favorite company is Primally Pure! Our skin is our biggest detox organ and using natural products helps me in aiding my bodies natural detox pathways while also feeling pampered and beautiful. A few of my favorite products from Primally Pure are the Natural Dry Shampoo (light), Plumping Bar, Everything Spray, and the Plumping Cream!"


Danielle S. - Magick Latte

"I try to practice self care every week, mostly on Sunday's to get ready for the new week ahead, and a big part of this is using Wild Remedies- Magick Latte's. These really help me connect back to nature whenever I drink them. The company utilizes herbs, plants, and flowers in each Magick Latte to bring you back to nature creating the perfect self care in a cup."

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Emily B. - Pique Hibiscus Beauty Elixir

"As I begin to dive deeper into my self-care journey, I have realized just how important what you put into your body truly is. I have always been an avid tea drinker, but have now incorporated Pique Teas into my daily routine. I love how these products provide immune support, digestion help, and mental clarity-- all while encouraging radiant skin! The Hibiscus Beauty Elixir is my favorite!"

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Emily M. - True Dark Glasses

"As someone who takes their nighttime routine seriously, I am always looking for the best self care products to help my body wind down and repair and recover as best as possible. The True Dark glasses are game changers that help block harmful blue light from electronics that can impact our cortisol and melatonin levels!"

gua sha

Erin F. - Gua Sha Facial Tool

"When it comes to truly taking of myself I love facial products! I've always sort of rolled my face out before bed or in the morning but something that has truly changed my morning routine is using a stone Gua Sha facial tool. This tool not only rolls my face out but really helps my face to wake up. Using this in the morning is one of my favorite ways to incorporate self care into my routine every day!!"


Erin T. - TMAC Fitness

"Regular physical activity is part of my self-care routine. Walking in nature is my absolute favorite, but sometimes that's not possible due to my schedule or the weather! On days where I want to move/sweat/strengthen/decompress, I love to use the virtual TMAC Fitness workouts. They are only 20 minutes long, but they're incredibly effective! I end feeling stronger and inspired."


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Hollie D. - Kettle & Fire

"As far as self-care goes, never in my life would I have thought that bone broth would be a go-to for me. As someone who is not good at implementing self-care, bone broth has the ability to set my mind and gut right. I love kettle and fire for the variety of flavors and nutritional benefits."

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Josh B. - NEOM Candles & Incense

"I've always been a big fan of candles and incense oil diffusers anytime I'm looking for a stress-relief; however, many conventional burnables are made with harmful toxins and chemicals. NEOM fragrances are made with natural ingredients and fill the room with long-lasting scents that make an immediate impact on my wellbeing."


Megan R. - Alitura Clay Mask

"For my self care, I pride myself on utilizing the most natural, nutrient-dense products I can find. That's where the Alitura Clay Mask comes in with ingredients like green desert clay, colostrum, and kelp powder! Every week, I use this mask as an “all-in-one” facial treatment that thoroughly purifies and nourishes my skin. Afterwards, I always notice my skin is smooth and glowing!"

Rosemary W. - Dream Mist

"Self care for me centers around preparing my body for rest, and the mindbody green Dream Mist is one of my new faves I carry everywhere. I use it in my office during the busiest days to take a minute to reset my mind before switching tasks- I spray on the textiles in my office, take some deep breaths and am ready to move on to the next segment of my workday."

Tiffany L. - Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt

When in need of a little self-care, I like to take hot baths with Dr. Teal's Lavender Epsom Salt. I fill my tub, and turn on a good audio book or music. I find the Epsom salts not only help with my muscle aches, but the essential oils also provide an aromatic dimension to create a relaxing atmosphere for my mind.



Yvette J. - Prima Unwind Bath Gem

"As a night owl, it takes me a while to decompress and get ready to sleep so I'll try anything to help prepare my body for an uninterrupted night's sleep. I love taking a warm bath in the evening as that has been shown to help facilitate better sleep and reduce overall stress. Prima's Unwind Bath Gem has become a favorite addition of mine to indulge in a little self-care since it contains 25 mg of relaxing CBD as well as eucalyptus and lavender essential oils for aromatherapy benefits. Plus, it leaves my skin feeling super soft!"

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Dr. Will Cole - HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket + Infrared PMF Mat

"One tool that I recommend to almost every patient here at my functional medicine clinic - and use in my personal life - is an infrared sauna. It's not always feasible to have a full sit-in one in your house, which is why I use a HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket. I use this multiple times a week after a long day, and at work I use HigherDOSE's Infrared PEMF Go Mat while sitting at my desk. It's one of my favorite ways to get a relaxation session, mood boost, more radiant skin, and cell recovery all in one and allows me to indulge in self-care at any point during my day!"

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