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When temperatures rise in the summer, we do as much as we can do keep cool. Even our diets trend toward lighter meals with more refreshing ingredients. And while we might want to indulge in all the sweet drinks and frozen desserts, most conventional brands don't contain the healthiest ingredients. So instead of forgoing your favorite summer treats, try one of my functional medicine team's favorite choices for staying hydrated and refreshed all season long.


Andrea C. - Poppi

"I literally love nothing more than a fun drink! As someone who abstains from alcohol for health purposes, I thrive on fun drinks. Especially during the summer months when you want something refreshing. One of my go-to drinks is Poppi! They have so many fun flavors and I do have to hide them from my family if I want to make sure I get my favorite orange one!"


Candice W. - Hibiscus Beauty Elixir Tea

"If you are like me and need a little flavor when you hydrate, then you will love Pique Life's Hibiscus Beauty Elixir Tea.  It is my favorite for iced tea. The flavor is subtle and so delicious- not sweet and not tart. Pique Life teas come as dissolvable crystals in a packet so you can enjoy these anywhere. It's high in vitamin C because of the Exquisite Egyptian hibiscus and saying that part just makes me feel fancy.  It's caffeine-free too so I can drink it any time of the day, and because it's Pique I know I am getting the highest quality ingredients. My skin looks great from the bioavailable antioxidants too."

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Danielle S. - Clearly Filtered Pitcher

"There is nothing like a cold glass of ice water, on a mid-hot summer day, to stay refreshed and hydrated. To make sure my water is free of contaminants and has the most refreshing taste I trust in Clearly Filtered. It's great to know my water is safe and free of impurities, not only in the summer months, but all year long."

Ice Pop

Emily B. - Ice Pop Mold

"I love a refreshing popsicle to combat the summer heat, but not always the added sugars that come with it! That's why in the summer I use these Silicone Popsicle Makers to not only make my own fruit popsicles, but to make my own aloe vera popsicles to use on my sunburn! You can use pretty much any liquid and fruit of your choice for the treats- blend it up, pour it in the mold, and voila! My favorite mixture is watermelon, coconut water and a dash of lemon juice!"


Emily M. - Nubocha Gelato

"Our house has a range of different snack preferences, but we can always agree on one and that thing is ice cream. Finding healthy options that we all love can be somewhat of a task, though. Our favorite has been Nubocha Gelato! It is so good and made with simple ingredients. Better yet, this gelato is dairy free and low in net carbs!"


Erin F. - GT's Komucha

"When it comes to summer drinks I typically keep it simple with water and an occasional summertime drink. My favorite right now is GT's Synergy kombucha from Aldi! As someone who doesn't normally enjoy kombucha, this brand is slightly sparkling, has some probiotics and is absolutely delicious!"


Erin T. - Golden Ratio Iced Coffee

"Summertime officially begins for me that moment I switch from hot coffee to iced coffee. I've been enjoying Golden Ratio's Gold Coffee all winter, and it is even more delicious over ice! It's such a refreshing way to kick off a morning, plus It's much smoother and less acidic than traditional black coffee."

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Hollie D. - LMNT Recharge

"As far as added electrolytes, this is my go to choice! Using LMNT helps me to maintain optimum hydration levels and keep my energy levels up. The citrus salt flavor reminds me of a margarita and it's the perfect summertime beverage. Not only are there excellent health benefits, but it gives you that "it's 5 o'clock somewhere" feeling without the repercussions of drinking a sugary margarita."


Josh B. - Kencko Smoothie Packs

"Every time the heat hits I love to make fresh fruit smoothies, but sometimes finding a healthy liquid base is difficult. When I'm on the run, and don't have time to blend my favorite ingredients together, it's so easy to add these smoothie packs to my morning routine. They're free of artificial flavors and are made with organic fruits and veggies - plus you can opt in for an extra plant protein kick if you want something after a workout!"


Megan R. - Goodpop Organic Freezer Pops

"These Goodpop Organic Freezer pops bring me back to my childhood summers (without the artificial food dyes and high fructose corn syrup). It's so wonderful to have an easy treat, that isn't full of questionable ingredients. I get them directly from Thrive and love the Concord Grape flavor!"

Rosemary W. - Sound Sparkling Water

"I love Sound Sparkling water! They have the best flavors and will make you forget about ever drinking soda! Try the sampler pack and pick your favorite flavor (mine is the Grapefruit Lavender & Ginger Tea)."


Yvette J. - Dry Farms Wine

"During the long summer evenings I love to sit outside with my husband and friends and enjoy a glass of crisp rose or sparkling wine. But I don't like the headaches that most wines give me after just one glass. All of Dry Farm Wines are keto, paleo, and low in sugar and sulfites so I can sip with confidence knowing that I am treating my body well even when having a little bit of alcohol. Plus, I can choose between a monthly or bi-monthly delivery of rose, sparkling, white, or red wine so I can spend more time enjoying the summer and less time shopping."

Recommended by Dr. Will Cole


Dr. Will Cole - Zevia Soda

"For as long as I can remember I have loved a cold can of Cola. But we all know just how unhealthy conventional soda is with its artificial flavors, food dyes, and corn syrup. So once I found Zevia I was hooked. My functional medicine team can all vouch for how much I love them as I always make sure to have my office (and home) fridge stocked at all times. Not only are they free of food dyes, they are naturally sweetened with stevia and come in all the classic flavors you love like Root Beer, Cream Soda, Ginger Ale, and my personal favorite, Cola."

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