Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Detoxing Products

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As we ring in the new year, many of us have made resolutions to start the year off strong and achieve some long-awaited goals. Our daily lives expose us to hundreds of toxins that build-up and can contribute to chronic health problems. Making detoxing a regular part of your life is important to ward off the effects of toxin exposure. And what better time of year to cleanse your body than the new year! Here are some of our favorite detoxing products to add into your wellness routine for this year!

Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Detoxing Products Dr. Will Cole

Andrea Cogley – Activated charcoal

New Years is a time for a fresh start, figuratively and literally! We all know gyms get busier and new diets are all the rage come January 1st. But there are a lot of good ways to detox your body and one of my personal favorites is using charcoal. You can use charcoal for anything from whitening your teeth, eliminating toxins from your body, or cleansing your skin. Toxins bind to activated charcoal to eliminate them from your system. So refresh your body inside and out!

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Emily Miller – Chlorella powder

My favorite detox product definitely has to be chlorella! This little green micro-agae is a powerful detoxifier that binds to any heavy metals in the body to flush out toxins that can hinder my energy and how my body functions. It is my go to daily detox that works great in tea or smoothies!

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Yvette Johnstone – Bonafide Provisions Drinkable Veggies

Say goodbye to last year’s juice cleanse, and say hello to Drinkable Veggies! I love juice cleanses since they are easy to incorporate into my daily routine. These take my regular juice to the next-level by adding in gut healing bone broth to revamp my microbiome. Since your gut is the foundation for your entire health I can’t think of an easier way to reset my gut for next year.

* This product is no longer available. However, check out their other awesome products!

Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Detoxing Products Dr. Will Cole 3

Ashley Cogley – Exfoliating Face Mask

After being tired from a long day (or long year!) my favorite way to relax and refresh is with a detoxifying face mask. Unlike what are at most drugstores, this mask is made with organic ingredients to you don’t end up exposing yourself to more toxins! The combination of toxin-binding charcoal and anti-inflammatory manuka honey work together to eliminate acne and nourish your skin and leave it feeling extremely soft.

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