Our Current Healthy Obsessions: BBQ Essentials

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We love summer for many reasons, but grilling out is one of our favorites. There is nothing better than eating outside in the nice weather and enjoying seasonal favorite dishes. But many of the traditional BBQ dishes are made with ingredients that aren’t the healthiest. Instead of skipping out on our favorite foods or giving in and regretting it later, we have rounded up the best BBQ essentials we always like to have on hand so we can enjoy summer to the fullest.

Our Current Healthy Obsessions: BBQ Essentials Dr. Will Cole

Emily Miller – Primal Kitchen BBQ Sauce

When it comes to summer, I immediately look forward to bonfires and barbecues! I am all for grilling out and have friends over. There are plenty of preferred BBQ essentials, but for me the Primal Kitchen’s BBQ sauce is a must. A great tangy flavor without the sugar!

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Janice Dietrich – Watermelon Slicer

There’s nothing I love more at a barbecue than fruit salad, but what I don’t love is cutting certain fruit. This watermelon slicer makes the job so much easier, faster, and works on any type of melon!

Our Current Healthy Obsessions: BBQ Essentials Dr. Will Cole 2

Andrea Cogley – KC Natural Seasoned Salts

Grilling in the summer is my family’s favorite way to cook! We love grilling protein, but one of our go-to’s is grilled chicken wings. These seasoned salts are so yummy and easy! It’s the only thing we cover them in and they turn out amazing every time.

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Yvette Johnstone – Teton Waters Ranch Hot Dogs

I love grilling hot dogs in the summer but most hot dogs can be filled with sketchy ingredients. Teton Waters Ranch has 100 percent grass-fed hot dogs without any additional nitrates or preservatives. I can definitely taste the quality with each bite and they are even Whole30 approved!

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Megan Rupp – BBQ Plantain Chips

These are just like barbecue chips but better and healthier! They’re gluten free, cooked in coconut oil, and go great as a side at any cookout.

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Cate Kindt – Beyond Meat Burger

I’ve never really been a meat eater, aside from seafood and shellfish. When I was handed a burger that I actually liked, I had to ask what the recipe was. Turns out – veggies! Discovering the Beyond Burger felt almost as good as discovering that it is gluten free, soy free, GMO free, and Kosher (with 20 g of protein!). I have since tricked my boyfriend and family with these burgers and they all say the same thing – this is the best burger ever.

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Ashley Lees – IZZE Sparkling Juice

We all have our favorite BBQ food or drink that we love to have. My absolute favorite drink to have is IZZE Sparkling Juice. It tastes amazing and is so refreshing to have especially on a hot summer day but without the artificial sweeteners or preservatives!

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