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by Dr. Will Cole

The ocean has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. There is something simultaneously sacred, awe-inspiring, and humbling about the seemingly never-ending vastness and depth. It’s amazing to think that the majority of our planet is covered by water and yet, only 5% of the ocean has been explored. We haven’t even scratched the surface of the endless magic we can learn from the sea.

In my functional medicine clinic, I often use different natural food medicines from the ocean.

Adaptogens are another love of mine. This diverse group of herbs and other earth medicines are some of my favorite healing tools to help patients balance their hormones, lower inflammation, and optimize brain health.

With that being said, if there is such a thing as an adaptogen of the sea, I’m sure as heck going to geek out and talk to you about it! So, without further ado, meet pearl, the oceanic adaptogen.

What is pearl powder?

Yes, we are talking about the same pearl that your grandma wears as a necklace. They can be found in both fresh and salt waters and are used cosmetically and medicinally. Historically, these luminescent beads have been highly valued in cultures around the world and ground up into a fine powder for use topically and orally. Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, was known to use pearl in her beauty routine and the royal children of the pre-colonial Philippines ingested pearl powder for clear, bright, and firm skin. You can even see pearl use throughout European history in wealthy families for its health and beauty benefits.

But traditional Chinese medicine and ayurvedic medicine – the two largest schools in Eastern medicine – take pearl powder use to the next-level.

Pearl and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Pearl has been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as far back as 320 A.D. The only female empress in Chinese history, Wu Zetian, used pearl for its beauty benefits. In traditional Chinese culture, skin health was revered and pearl was the top natural medicine to achieve a glowing and youthful appearance.

And they didn’t stop there. Chinese medicine also saw the adpatogenic abilities of pearl and used it as a mind (shen) stabilizer to calm mood and disposition. For example, if someone is dealing with stress or anxiety, pearl is the go-to tool in TCM shen tonics.

Pearl and Ayurveda

In traditional Indian medicine, or Ayurveda, pearl powder is also held in high regard for its adaptogenic and anti-aging benefits. Known as Mukta Pishti, pearl powder is used to soothe inflammation, lower heat in the body and cool the digestive system. It is also used in ayurvedic love potions as an aphrodisiac.

Modern Science and Pearl Benefits

There is an increasing amount of modern science to support the validity of the ancient wisdom about pearl. Pearl powder has at least 30 trace minerals, along with calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, silica, and selenium which are needed for healthy hormones, a strong immune system, and youthful skin.

Pearl also contains amino acids, including essential amino acids that your body can’t make on its own and need to get from outside sources, for optimal health. Ever wonder what gives pearls their strikingly beautiful luminescence? You can thank conchiolin for that. This protein is what promotes healthy collagen production which gives your skin that glowing appearance. In fact, it has similar effects to keratin – a protein found in your skin and hair – to improve cell metabolism, increase circulation, and repair damaged cells.

Is pearl powder vegan?

While pearl powder is not technically vegan, many vegans still think it is ok to include pearl powder into their diet.

How do you use pearl powder?

Pearl powder has a very mild flavor – in fact you can’t really taste it at all – and it dissolves easily. This makes it the perfect addition to any of your favorite recipes. I love to add it in my smoothies and teas that I already drink during the day. You can also add it into bone broth or soups to amplify the skin health boosting effects of the collagen present in bone broth. The limit is endless with what you can do with pearl powder!

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