Brands I Love

Supplements & Herbs

Supplements are an important part of any wellness routine. But wading through the endless amount of brands out there can be overwhelming. We cut out the confusion with our favorite supplement brands vetted for quality ingredients with no unnecessary additives.

QuickSilver Scientific

High-efficiency detox protocols and comprehensive liposomal vitamins and minerals for enhanced bioavailability and targeted support. Use code WILL20 for 20% off.


Choose from a wide selection of online health courses on meditation, healthy eating, gut health, yoga, and so much more plus targeted supplements to support sleep and overall health. Use code DRCOLE10 for 10% off.

Ancient Nutrition

Explore the transformative power of Ancient Nutrition supplements, meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients and time-tested formulations. Each supplement is designed to support holistic wellness, with a commitment to preserving ancient wisdom. Use code 15DrCole for 15% off your order!

Other notable brands:

Beauty Care

The products you use on a daily basis matter. Instead of personal care products that contain chemicals that are easily absorbed into your bloodstream, clean skincare, deodorant, and other products are made with natural ingredients that continue to facilitate optimal health. These are our favorite non-toxic beauty brands that understand the need for clean ingredients.

Toups & Co.

Toups & Co is a skincare and makeup brand dedicated to creating the cleanest products on the market. Their entire skincare and makeup line is 100% natural and uses only organic ingredients like grass-finished tallow, organic botanicals and organic cold pressed plant oils. They never use synthetic chemicals, toxins, fillers, or artificial colors or synthetic fragrances! Use code WILLCOLE to save 10%


Canopy developed a line of reimagined devices with Dermatologists to optimize the home for beauty and wellness. Canopy’s game-changing filtered showerhead has a 3-stage KDF filtration system that eliminates chlorine, minerals, and other contaminants for an immediately softer skin barrier, and healthy clean hair and scalp. Use code COLE15 for 15% off.


Latin for ‘’feeding and nourishing,’’ Alitura Naturals’ ingredients do just that while being anti-laboratory, anti-chemical, and anti-GMO. Their products contain some of the most powerful ingredients that have been used for years in other cultures for their benefits. They even help you take your skincare to the next level with supplements, razors, and derma-rollers so you can really target as many areas of your skincare routine as possible.

Other notable brands:

Wellness Tools

There are so many ways you can track your health progress and biohack your way to better health. Take a look at our favorite wellness tools designed to track your metabolism, protect against EMF damage, and so much more so you can take your health to the next level.


Detox your body, boost your mood, burn calories, and get glowing skin with their wellness tech, tools, ingestibles, and topicals. Low-EMF infrared sauna blankets, infrared PEMF mats, infrared saunas, and red light therapy masks designed to deliver intensive healing and relaxation benefits from the comfort of your own home. Use code COLE15 for 15% off.


At-home saunas to fit every lifestyle and budget designed with their patented SoloCarbon 3 in 1 technology - the only heater delivering the exact optimal wavelength of near, mid and far infrared - to enhance detoxification, weight loss, boost immunity, and support heart health. Save up to $600 on your purchase with code DRWILLCOLE.


Viome has made it easier than ever to get answers about your overall health with their at-home test kits. They have one of the most comprehensive tests on the market that give you insights into the various areas of your health. Their team will give you a personalized nutrition plan based on your lab results, and advice on what supplements you should take to bring your body into balance so you can function at peak performance. Use code WILLCOLE for $150 off Viome Intelligence tests.

Online Grocery Care

Life gets busy and going grocery shopping isn’t the ideal way to spend an afternoon. With our favorite grocery delivery services, you can get everything delivered straight to your door with most allowing you to search by allergen and dietary restrictions!


Perfect for sipping, FOND uses organic, fresh herb infusions and pasture-raised bones for fantastic flavor and come in eco-friendly glass bottles. Use code DRWILLCOLE for 20% off.

Kettle & Fire

Shelf-stable bone broth and bone-broth based soups that make it easy to enjoy this gut-healing superfood at home, work, or traveling. Slow simmered and made with bones from 100% grass-fed and hormone-free protein sources. Use code DRWILLCOLE for 15% off.

Butcher Box

Our trusted partners provide 100% grass-fed and finished beef, humanely raised pork, free-range organic chicken, and wild-caught seafood.

Drink & Beverage:

We all have a sweet tooth from time to time. Instead of depriving yourself, turn to our favorite dessert brands made with all-natural sweeteners and zero unnecessary additives. Whether you want a sweet treat or are looking to sip on a non-alcoholic (or alcoholic!) beverage, these brands have you covered with the best ingredients.


Tea blends formulated with the highest quality ingredients with their patented Cold Brew Crystallization process for an on-the-go tea option that also preserves up to 12x the nutrient content compared to other tea. Each blend helps facilitate optimal digestion, immune function, anti-aging, and more. Use code WILLCOLE for 5% off.

Dry Farm Wine

Get a selection of 100% organic, low sugar, paleo, and keto-friendly wines delivered straight to your house each month. Each bottle contains less sulfites than conventional wine, so you don't have to worry about having a nasty hangover or headache the next day. Pure, simple ingredients, so you can enjoy each delightful sip.


Sip with confidence with Purity Coffee’s organic specialty grade blends that go through the highest testing standards to ensure toxin and mold-free beans. Use code DRWILLCOLE for 20% off.

Healthy Home

When cleaning your house, the last thing you want to worry about is toxins. Swap out your conventional cleaners for our favorite non-toxic cleaners and other products like non-toxic mattresses, air purifiers, and water filters for a healthy, happy home.

Air Doctor

When it comes to clean air, AirDoctor is one of the only air purifiers I trust and use in my home and office. AirDoctor uses Medical-Grade H13 UltraHEPA Filter to capture particles as small as .003 microns - smaller than most viruses! Choose from 3 different sizes based on the size of the room you'd like to use it in.


Canopy developed a line of reimagined devices with Dermatologists to optimize the home for beauty and wellness. Canopy’s mist-free humidifier line has powerful mold inhibiting technology built right in. It’s great for delivering immediate moisture for a healthy skin barrier, it helps alleviate symptoms of colds and allergies, and promotes a better sleep environment. Use code COLE15 to save 15% off your purchase.

Clearly Filtered

Advanced water filters that are available as pitchers, under-the-sink systems, and water bottles so you can have clean, filtered water no matter where you’re at.


Knowledge is power when it comes to your health. Whether you want to expand your knowledge for personal enrichment or to become a health coach and make a career change, these are the best expert-backed schools and courses available. Some are even taught by Dr. Will Cole!


The Institute Of Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coach Training Program is a holistic health and nutrition school that incorporates integrative nutrition and mental well-being to prepare you to help others nourish and heal their bodies.


Online 6 month education program to become a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. Expand your knowledge of diagnostic testing and gain exclusive access to functional testing to deliver the best quality care for your patients.

MBG courses

Choose from a wide selection of online health courses on meditation, healthy eating, gut health, yoga, and so much more plus targeted supplements to support sleep and overall health. Use code DRCOLE10 for 10% off.


Daily movement is important to a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. Check out our favorite workout tools and exercise programs to help you reach your movement goals and take your health to the next-level.

TMAC Fitness

Challenging, effective home workouts that can be done from anywhere in only 20 minutes. And the best part? No equipment needed! End each workout with a meditation to get your mind right for optimal mental and physical health.