Mastering Autoimmune Conditions & Inflammation With Functional Medicine

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Heal Your Hormones

A Functional Medicine guide to feeling & looking like yourself again.



Heal Your Brain

A Functional Medicine guide to optimal brain health.

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14 Life Altering Tips

A Functional Medicine Guide to reclaim your health, slow down aging, and lost weight.

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Heal Your Gut

A Functional Medicine Approach to a healthy microbiome.

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Heal Your Autoimmune Condition

a Functional Medicine guide to naturally put your autoimmune condition into remission.

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Heal Your Hormones Brain & Gut

Are you struggling with hormonal problems? Or brain problems like anxiety, depression or brain fog? Maybe you have digestive issues that you can’t figure out – well, it’s time for you to learn about the underlying connections between your brain, your hormones and your digestive system. This course can be your first steps to regain your health, reverse disease and move on with your life.

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Course Introduction

About Dr. Will Cole1:06

What This Course Is About and How It Can Help You0:36

Roadmap To This Course0:49

Functional Medicine: The Future of Natural Health

The Main Differences Between Functional Medicine & Mainstream Medicine4:53

What is Autoimmune Disease?

A Deeper Look6:01

Autoimmune Triggers

Gut Problems3:58






How to Manage Your Autoimmune Condition: The 6 Steps To Balance Your Immune System

Heal Your Gut1:28

Food & Nutrients4:20

Bring Down Inflammation2:13

Make Your Life A Detox2:36

Balance Your Immune System2:59

Stress Reduction Tools2:06

Advanced Inflammation Busters + Immune Balancers

Next Level Ways To Modulate The Immune System6:32

A Solution Tailored To You

Where Do You Go From Here?0:57

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