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personality traits for longer lifeCertain Psychological Traits Could Lead To A Longer Life

A new study finds the “perfect blend” of traits that could be the key to increased longevity. If you’ve ever wondered the secret to reaching 100 it may be found in your personality. – via Medical News Today


Exercise Can Actually Make Your Fat Healthierexercise for healthy fat

Fat being good for you? Sound crazy? Maybe not. Read on to find out why research says that going for a brisk walk might be doing more than you think. – via The New York Times


keto vs american dietBut, You May Need Less Exercise If You Are Eating This Specific Diet

With studies putting the standard American diet to the test, we all might be trading in carbs for ketones! – via Big Think


antibiotic use in farm animalsAntibiotic Use in Farm Animals Drops For The First Time Ever

Antibiotic use to grow bigger animals has continued to rise. But so has antibiotic resistant bacteria in humans. This year though shows a shift in agricultural methods. – via The Atlantic


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