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depression and languageCertain Words Can Indicate Depression

Research is now looking at the connection between language and depression and are finding that people with depression use words differently. – via BigThink



social conflict changes gut bacteriaSocial Conflict Changes Your Microbiome

You know that “gut feeling” you get right before you enter a bad situation? Well, studies are showing that social stress can actually alter the bacteria in your gut. So next time, listen to your gut. – via Science Daily


silkworm threads restore spinal cordsSilkworm Threads Restore Spinal Cords

Researchers are looking at how properties in silkworm threads provide a perfect environment for nerves to grow on among many other treatments. – via Newsweek



sunshine reduces heart diseaseSunshine Reduces Heart Disease

Spending some time in the sun may do more for your heart health (and not just your mood!) – via Medical News Today



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