Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Beauty Products

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Our modern world is filled with more toxins than ever before. Every single day you are exposed to some level of toxins and it is impossible to avoid them altogether. But we can do our best to greatly limit the chemicals we surround ourselves with in our environment, the products we use, and the foods we eat since this rise toxin exposure has been linked to an increase in autoimmune conditions. For women, a big piece of the toxin puzzle are the cosmetics we use on a daily basis. We often don’t think about the fact that these cosmetics go straight onto our skin, our body’s largest organ, which can greatly impact our health. Instead of not wearing makeup (which is another great choice) we have all made the switch to non-toxic makeup and other beauty products. Here are some of our personal favorites:

Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Beauty Products Dr. Will Cole

Janice Dietrich – Rosewater Toner

I love using make up products to get my perfect look, but before I put any products on my face I have to use this facial toner! It keeps face hydrated (but never oily) all day long and has reduced my breakouts, too.

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Ashley Lees – Vegan Lip Gloss

When doing my makeup I love adding in that final touch with a beautiful lip gloss. My absolute favorite organic lip gloss to use is Au Naturale. It stays on well and is easy to use. It comes in many colors and can also be purchased in lip stick form as well.

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Emily Miller – Coconut Cleansing Oil

One of my daily routines includes using a cleansing oil at night! Cleansing oil is necessary when taking off your daily makeup or even just a natural first step in your cleansing routine because it removes all the makeup and build up we can accumulate throughout the day. You would apply this to a dry face and massage, rinse, and then gently cleanse! This brand is one of my favorites because of all the clean ingredients. Less is more!

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Andrea Cogley – Cheek + Lip Tint

I love to have a little color to my cheeks! An easy and all natural way for me to do that is to use these cheek tints! With just a dab I have bronzed or pink cheeks all day long! It also doubles as a lip tint so I don’t have to worry about stocking up on multiple products!

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Yvette Johnstone – 100% Pure Mascara

Mascara is the one beauty product I can’t live without. It wakes up my eyes and brightens my whole face even if it’s the only makeup I wear for the day. Most conventional mascara is filled with dyes that shouldn’t be on your skin, let alone such a sensitive area like your eyes. This natural mascara gets its color from antioxidant-rich black tea while still giving my lashes the same great volume and color as regular brands.

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