Discover alternative natural health solutions. You may be able to overcome the following conditions and start living the happy, healthy life of your dreams!

•Acid Reflux
•Adrenal Disorders
•Autoimmune Disorders
•Brain Fog
•Bulging and Herniated Discs
•Food Allergies
•GI Disorders
•Heart Disease
•Hormone Imbalances
•Hypothyroid and Metabolic Syndromes
•Low Back Pain
•Migraines and Headaches
•Neck Pain
•Sleep Problems
•Weight Loss Resistance
•And more…

Reverse Diabetes

We seek to find the root cause of the disease, not just the symptoms…

The problem for the majority of Type II diabetics is that insulin resistance has set in; this means that your body has lost the ability to utilize insulin the body produces appropriately.

Our unique, natural approach to looking at diabetes is totally different (even different than what most doctors who currently are trying to naturally reverse diabetes are doing).

​Most physicians test for blood sugar levels and A1C levels and not much else. I’ve designed an integrative testing approach that goes deeper.

I then use these detailed findings to tailor and customize a treatment plan for each patient based on his or her own underlying causative factors.

Real Results for Hypothyroidism

Have you been told that your thyroid was normal and you are even taking thyroid hormones but you are still suffering from common low thyroid symptoms?

Many women have misdiagnosed thyroid conditions, are incompletely diagnosed, or they fall victim to what I consider the BIGGEST flaw in the health care system. This pattern of inadequate testing and a general lack of understanding of the complexities of thyroid function put women at risk for developing even more serious diseases in the future.

​Don’t let this happen to you! The truth is…

There is a very common cause of a low functioning thyroid that is often completely missed by many doctors today.

​Are you like many of the women who I see in my practice who are so frustrated because they just don’t feel right, but their doctors are telling them they are fine? Did you know that there are natural treatments to reverse your thyroid condition?

Please give us a call today or fill out our free consult application form to get started

We would be happy to help you find out the real cause of your symptoms and frustrations!

Meet Your Goals + Weight Loss Desires

Many people everyday struggle with the inability to lose weight effectively. Endless hours at the gym, fad diets, low energy, and little results can be deflating and discouraging for anyone.​

At our clinic it is our goal to find out the root cause of why, no matter how much you diet and exercise, it seems impossible to lose that stubborn fat.

​By finding the underlying complexities of hormonal dysregulations and/or resistances, adrenal issues etc., we can give you answers and solutions for the battle of the bulge. The problem with cookie cutter, “one size fits all” weight loss programs is that they are unrealistic and don’t take into account that everyone is made differently!

We offer customized programs to meet every patient’s individual needs, wants, and goals. By tailoring each patient’s program we address each patient’s unique complex array of underlying biochemical, physiological and hormonal makeup.

​Discover how easy it is to meet your goals and weight loss desires with customized weight loss solutions.