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Functional Medicine Health Journeys – Part I Dr. Will Cole

by Ashley Cogley

We all struggle with making healthy choices. With temptation all around it isn’t easy to not give in to eating unhealthy foods.

Growing up, my parents were your traditional grains, gluten, and sugar foods family. Never knowing the consequences to unhealthy food I never saw a reason to stop eating them but as I grew older I began to realize that the foods I was raised on were now one of the main causes to my health disorder.

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What I want to share with you is tips on two common different subjects that I struggle with each and every day:


We all have a sweet tooth but how do you deal with not giving into them? I’ll admit being raised by a junk food family really made it hard on me to give up my sweets but when giving in all of the time I had no choice but to stop having sweets due to my health conditions.

Giving up sweets is not easy but it’s not the end to sweets, there are alternatives out there. Yes, what I am saying is true! There are healthy options of having sweets.

Here are some tips I use in my everyday life to fight sweet tooth cravings and to make healthier choices:

1. La Croix

La Croix naturally flavored sparkling waters are my absolute favorite substitute to go to instead of sweets. There are so many different flavors to choose from and they taste so yummy. They fill my sweet tooth within the very first sip. Guests love them and they’re easy to grab on the run. The best part is that it’s just water! How much better could it get!

2. Organic Mints

Organic mints are an amazing choice to use when on the run or at work for me. They are very tasty and leave you with a fresh breath and are also easy to carry around with you to fill your sweet tooth wherever you go.

3. Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is an awesome and delicious choice. My favorite is dried mangos or dried pineapple, they are very sour and chewy almost like candy. Kids love them as well! Be careful not to eat too much and to have dried fruits in moderation. I love taking them to lunch with me for a side snack. They are simple and filling.

Eating Out

Eating out can be very tricky. With family and friends wanting to go to different restaurants and wanting to eat out instead of making food at home for once eating out can be difficult in choosing and knowing what to decide and where to look.

Here are some tips to help eating out easier:

1. Knowing what you can and can’t have

Knowing what you can have helps eliminate confusion and narrows down your options. If you’re confused or concerned as to what’s in a certain meal don’t be afraid to ask your server. Always be okay with taking your time to really make the best choice, the restaurant isn’t going anywhere.

2. Being able to say no

It may sound silly but everyone struggles to say no to something they want but can’t have. I’ve best learned that saying no at first is difficult but it begins to get easier each time. Start saying no now before it’s too late!

3. Having a positive mind set

This is where I struggle the most. It’s not easy to be positive when you feel that you are so limited to what choices you have when it comes to eating out. But the best way to think is that it’s not as difficult as we make it. Pick a restaurant that you like and that you know has foods that are healthy and that you enjoy or try a new restaurant and find more options. Don’t forget that there is always a healthier substitute for a meal that you like but can’t have. There are many options!

I hope that my tips are useful to you and you can use them in your everyday life health choices. You can do this!

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