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uber offers rides to doctorUber Now Offers Rides To Your Doctor

Uber is working to help get people healthy by providing rides for those who otherwise couldn’t make it to the doctor’s office on their own. – via NPR



diet for weight lossStop Counting Calories To Lose Weight

Research is finally showing what we’ve known in functional medicine for a while – it’s not the amount of calories that contribute to weight gain, it’s where those calories are coming from. – via BigThink


fish can help prevent msEating More Fish Could Lower Risk Of MS

Ditch your low-fat diet for one with lots of fish. These healthy fats can reduce the risk factors associated with multiple sclerosis. – via Medical News Today



eyes could predict diseaseYour Eyes Can Predict Your Health

Just by looking into your eyes, doctors can now predict if one of these many potential health problems is in your future. – via CNN



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