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blueberries kill cancer cellsTurn To This Food To Kill Cancer Cells

With more than 4,200 women expected to die from cervical cancer this year, maybe it’s time to start looking to this food to help! – via Medical News Today


smoking and brain healthSmoking Leads To Decreased Memory

Time to put that cigarette down once and for all. Studies are now showing that the side affects of smoking go beyond the typical risk factors. – via Newsweek


exercise impacts your microbiomeExercise Improves Your Microbiome

As our New Year Resolutions set in, studies are showing that exercise might even go as far as changing our microbiome. Just more of a reason to keep up that resolution all year long! – via The New York Times


lack of sleep increase risk of dementiaA Lack Of Sleep Can Increase Risk Of Dementia

We all know sleep is necessary to give us energy and stay mentally sharp during the day. But continued sleep deprivation can lead to a life struggling with Alzheimer’s later down the road. – via Big Think


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