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what is destroying teenagers brainsOur Current Way Of Life Is Destroying Teenager’s Brains

The youth of today is heading in a dangerous direction. From convenience, marketing, and social media – find out what is driving the destruction of their brain development. – via Big Think


death rates from air pollutionAt Least 20,000 Deaths A Year Are Due To Air Pollution

With studies showing death rates on the rise because of air pollution, we might be shacking up in the middle of nowhere before you know it! – via The New York Times


overtime associated with heart diseaseWorking Overtime Now Associated With Increased Heart Disease Risk

Turn down that request from your boss to clock in a few extra hours. Your health depends on it. – via Newsweek


alcohol affects your memoryEven Moderate Drinking Can Still Hurt Your Brain Health

It doesn’t matter if you are getting black out drunk, just one drink affects your memory. – via The Atlantic



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