by Yvette Johnstone

There is nothing better than sitting down to a home cooked meal. But along with that, comes the whole actually having to cook it thing. All the dicing, chopping, marinating, baking and so forth that goes into prepping a meal can seem like such a hassle when it is gobbled down quicker than you can say “dinner is ready!” Here at the functional medicine clinic we know the importance of using food as medicine to heal but we also know the value of saving time. So here are our favorite kitchen gadgets that we use to maximize our time in the kitchen so we can spend more time at the dinner table!


immersion blenderAndrea Cogley – Immersion Blender

I love love love my immersion blender! It’s one thing I’ve grown to not be able to live without. I use it for soups, stews, gravies and mine even has an attachment for chopping. So I use it for cutting up veggies and fruits depending on what I’m making (i.e. AMAZING fresh salsa).



air fryerAshley Lees – Air Fryer

My absolute favorite kitchen tool to use is my amazing air fryer. This gadget is the easiest thing to use in my kitchen and is so convenient. You can cook anything in it from frozen chicken, french fries, a seafood dinner, desserts and the list goes on and on! You don’t have to use any oils and it cooks perfectly! Can you believe that it cooks your food by air? Crazy isn’t it?! If you are looking for an easy, efficient and clean way to cook then I highly suggest you buy this. At an affordable price too, my preferred air fryer is the GoWISE USA. Now get to cooking!


nutribulletEmily Miller – NutriBullet

Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies so I spend I lot of time in the kitchen. I don’t get too fancy when it comes to utilizing different tools to cook, however, the one gadget I cannot live without is my NutriBullet. From making my morning smoothie to fun dips and snacks, this one does it all!


vegetable chopperYvette Johnstone – Vegetable Chopper

Some of my favorite meals to cook are soups and stir-frys loaded with fresh veggies. And although I love cooking one of the things I dread the most is the process of chopping. Sure, I could go for frozen but something about fresh vegetables just makes my heart sing. Solution? This amazing Cusinart Chopper. It cuts my dicing time and effort in half! And clean up is a breeze.





Photos: Stocksy, Amazon

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