by Yvette Johnstone

As we kick-off into the coming months of summer festivities outdoor plans are most likely on everyone’s radar after months of being stuck indoors. Feeling the sun on your shoulders is one of the best feelings. It’s important to get in your vitamin D since every single cell in your body needs it to function optimally. Since we can’t get ample amounts from food, supplementing with enough sun exposure is important. However, too much can leave us with nasty burns especially for those who are fair skinned (like me)! These products are some of our favorite to help facilitate proper exposure to this important sunshine vitamin!


UV block sunglassesAndrea Cogley – UVA + UBA Blocking Sunglasses

For summer I think it’s not only important to protect your skin, but also protect your eyes! I have light colored eyes so the sun really affects me. I end up squinting or they start burning. To prevent eye damage, wrinkles and all over general discomfort I wear UVA and UBA blocking glasses. These are one of my favorites!


sunscreenYvette Johnstone – Badger Sunscreen

When I go on vacation I am not the person who comes back with a beautiful golden tan. Instead, I usually look like I never even left. My skin is ridiculously sensitive and burns very easily. Sunscreen is necessary for me in order to protect my skin but I don’t want to be exposing myself to toxic chemicals either. My go-to sunscreen of choice is Badger brand. The ingredient list is short and recognizable and is given a great rating by the Environmental Working Group so I am confident it is good for my skin!


organic coconut oilAshley Lees – Organic Coconut Oil

My favorite thing to use for the sun that not only helps me get a good tan but also is healing my skin at the same time is coconut oil. It is so easy to use because the heat from the sun automatically melts the coconut oil which then you can just rub all over your body. Coconut oil also has SPF 4 in it as well which helps protect your skin from the sun. It is an easy thing to use and can really help with a variety of different things. Why not nourish your skin while laying out? I use coconut oil for pretty much everything but it is definitely my favorite thing to use in the summer.

Photos: Stocksy, Amazon

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