by Yvette Johnstone

You can finally start to sense it. The temperature is just warm enough to warrant the absence of a giant jacket and the trees have the slightest hint of green to them. It can only mean one thing; spring is here! With the stirring of fresh life and activity it can evoke the need to clear out the old and start this season new by doing some spring cleaning. Here at the functional medicine clinic we use non-toxic cleaning products on a weekly basis and as a staff make an effort to do so in our homes. So as we embark on our spring cleaning duties here are our favorite products we use to clean and purify our homes!

Ashley Lees – Thieves Essential Oil

thieves essential oilMy favorite spring cleaner to use is Thieves. It’s an amazing natural way to clean anything you need to. You can also diffuse it to clean the air as it is so good for your body as well. It is easy to use whenever I need it. All you need is a few drops of Thieves essential oil and some water to dilute it and BOOM, there you go. I highly recommend it for anyone!

Yvette Johnstone – Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner

disinfecting sprayThis is definitely my favorite cleaner as it only contains ingredients that I am familiar with, are all-natural, and it smells amazing so I feel comfortable breathing it in. Unlike some other natural cleaning products I have tried this actually removes the dirt and grime without having to spend hours scrubbing. Bonus, this is readily available at Target so it is easy to just add to your shopping list!

Andrea Cogley – Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber Air Purifier

air purifierBeing in the health profession my family definitely eats a diet that is comprised of a lot of fresh produce, which can leave a fridge smelly if not eaten in time. Since cleaning my fridge is one of my very least favorite things to do (if I’m being honest haha), I think having an air purifier in my fridge is perfect. I like these particular air purifiers because I can use them not only in my fridge, but in my office, car, the kids sneaker closet (ick) and anywhere else that bacteria and odors could be a problem. Since they are non-toxic I feel good about putting these around our food and things we all come in contact with!

Sarah Damey – Norwex Dusting Mitt

dusting mittNorwex is a company that’s dedicated to reducing harmful toxins in your home and in the environment. With their products you don’t have to use any chemicals at all in order to dust your house. The coolest thing about these is that there are tiny little silver fibers sewn into the mitt that make it antibacterial and self-cleaning! I use this for any surface, but especially my plants and blinds. I’m all about making cleaning easier and less toxic for myself and my family. That’s the whole point of cleaning anyway, right?

Photo: Stocksy, Amazon

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