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tea protects visionA Cup Of Hot Tea Could Keep Eyesight Strong

The secret to great eyesight might just be…hot tea?! One cup a day may be all you need to lower your risk of vision loss. Now, that’s a sight for sore eyes! – via The New York Times


more than winter bluesYour Cold Weather Blues May Be A Lot More Serious

Knowing the days are getting shorter and colder can really dampen your mood. But your down in the dumps feeling could be a more serious condition – seasonal affective disorder. – via Fox News


food affects your moodWhat You Eat Directly Affects Your Mood

That age old-saying “you are what you eat” is true, at least when it comes to your mood and mental health. – via Bustle



air pollution linked to bad behaviorAre Your Children Not Listening? Blame Air Pollution.

Car exhaust and other air pollutants can harm your brain and the effects are playing out in how well your child behaves. – via Popular Science



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