Brands We Love

mindbodygreen supplements+

High-quality supplements to elevate your health, with targeted formulas to support sleep, gut health, immunity and more. Use code DRCOLE10 for 10% off your first purchase.

FOND Bone Broth

Perfect for sipping, FOND uses organic, fresh herb infusions and pasture-raised bones for fantastic flavor. Use the code 'DRWILLCOLE' for 20% off.

Kroma Wellness

A functional nutrition 5-day reset that will help you create healthy habits through delicious, nutrient-rich superfoods. Customizable to your health goals the reset shows you what it feels like to feed your body right so you can make the best choices for you, even as you move beyond the 5 days. With more than 18 superfood smoothies, lattes, broths, and snacks, you'll never get bored and actually look forward to eating.

Golden Ratio

The coffee you want, without the unnecessary bitterness and acidity. Use code WILLCOLE for 20% off your purchase.


Brownies without the added junk - just a few simple, healthy ingredients that make for a delicious treat. Use code COLE20 for 20% off your order.

Wild Remedies

Magick Lattes that taste amazing and are filled with beneficial ingredients and adaptogens. Use code DRWILLCOLE for 10% off.

Daily Dose

(mostly) plant-based keto, ready-to-eat meals delivered right to your door. Use code WILLCOLE for 10% off.


Made by women, for women. Juna's plant-powered formulas are designed to help relieve stress and anxiety, promote better sleep, and support detoxification all through regenerative, organic ingredients. Use code DRWILLCOLE for 15% off.


A blend of superfoods, vitamins, minerals, and more, without synthetic binders in one bite. Use code WILLCOLE code for 20% off your first purchase.

Hu Kitchen

Sourcing only simple, clean, and responsible ingredients.

Owl Venice

Organic bone broth and supplements to transform lives inside and out. Use code DRWILLCOLE for 10% off your purchase.

Dry Farm Wines

Unique selections of pure Natural Wines from around the world conveniently delivered on a schedule that’s right for you.

Broth Masters

Nutrient dense bone broth to support health and wellness.

Vici Wellness

Conquer health and wellness with herb infused products.


Organic, flavorful honey that supports whole body wellness. Use code DRCOLE10 for 10% off your purchase.


Premium hemp products to radiate wellness and skincare. Use code DRCOLE for 20% off your order

Wild Zora

Real food for real life. Use code drwillcole15 for 15% off your purchase.

TMAC Fitness

Show up. Work hard. Live inspired. Use code WILL10 for $10 off.

Bare Bones

All natural bone broth made from grass-fed and pasture-raised bones. Use code DRWILLCOLE for 15% off your first order.


Healthy, high fat snacks to bring with you wherever you go.


Relax your skin and boost your mood with infrared sauna blankets and PEMF mats. Use code WILL15 for 15% OFF

Pique Tea

A convenient, all natural, and effective way to enjoy the health benefits of tea.

Primal Kitchen

Pantry staples that use real, healthy ingredients. Use code DRWILLCOLE for 10% off.

Energy Bits

Tap into the health benefits of algae. Use code DRWILLCOLE for 20% off your order.

Kettle & Fire

Use code "drwillcole" for 15% off

Shop AIP

The one-stop-shop for all AIP compliant products.

Thrive Market

Get all your favorite health products in one place at a lower price. Use this link for an extra 25% off.


Use code "DRWILLCOLE15" for 15% off your order

Tru Niagen

The perfect supplement to help cells thrive and reap the rewards of healthy aging and increased cellular energy production in the process.

Branch Basics

A chemical-free cleaning concentrate that makes cleaning affordable and safe for your family.

Primally Pure

All natural skincare for the whole family. Use code DRWILLCOLE for 10% off your first purchase.


At-home saunas to fit every lifestyle and budget.


My favorite app to track your food, exercise, and biometrics to keep track of your overall health.

Allitura Naturals

Non-toxic skin care you can feel good about.

Let's Just Sleep

A sleep mask and headphones all in one.

Eaton Hemp

Tap into the superfood power of hemp with these healthy, organic, and delicious products.

Vimco Wellness

Instant drinks that help you be more productive, supercharge your immunity and help you feel better, faster! Use code drwillcole for 10% off.

Sun Genomics

Customized probiotics created just for you.


Natural, non-toxic mattresses for healthier sleep.

Conscious Kitchen

*Paid-partner of Dr. Will Cole
Re-imagining well-being, consciously. Conscious Kitchen includes plant-powered, fat-fuelled and keto-friendly choices, as well as traditionally revered ayurvedic herbs and mushrooms. Clean, conscious nutrition for your busy day.

Berkey Filters

Take control of your water by removing over 2000+ unwanted contaminants.

Clearly Filtered

Advanced water filters that are available as bottles, pitchers, or under-the-sink systems. For 15% off your first order, use code drwillcole.


Paleovalley offers supplements and snacks that use the highest quality ingredients and superfoods. Use code COLE15 for 15% off

Air Doctor

Take the guesswork out of clean air with up to $280 off through this link.


Hilma is there to support you when you're not feeling your best with natural relief for head tension, upset stomach, indigestion, heartburn, and overall digestive support.


Innovative mattress topper for a personalized temperature all night.

MAAT Living

The world of Functional Teas designed to benefit your health and your life. Use code drwillcole10 for 10% off

Sun Home

Enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of saunas and jacuzzis. Use code WILLCOLE for $50 off your purchase.

The Osso Good Co.

Bone broths and paleo soups to improve immune health and digestion.