The Daily Routine This Functional Medicine Expert Does To Achieve A Healthy Gut

What I do each day and how it can help you level-up your own gut health.

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The Definitive Functional Medicine Guide To All Things Gut Health

What causes poor gut health and the natural ways to heal your gut

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Your Definitive Healthy Alcohol Guide: What to Drink, How Much, and How It Affects Your Health

All about how alcohol affects your health.

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Eczema Explained: How To Break Free From Dry, Inflamed Skin & Find Healing

Managing eczema and identifying its root causes.

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7 Foods Most Likely To Contain Mold + What To Eat Instead

Being more aware of mold compounds hiding in everyday foods.

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Bone Broth: Benefits, Recipes, and More

All about the health benefits of bone broth.

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The Benefits Of Vitamin C: A Definitive Guide To This Important Nutrient

All about Vitamin C and how it plays a vital role in your overall health.

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What is SIBO: The Hidden Gut Problem That Will Wreck Your Health

How to treat SIBO for optimal health and wellness.

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Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Food Alternatives

An inside look at our functional medicine clinic and our favorite food alternatives.

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5 Ways Negative Emotions Impact Your Health

Being mindful and living a healthier life.

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Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Gifts For Dad

Each June we get the chance to honor our fathers and the role they have played in our lives. Father’s Day is a chance to be intentional with showing our dads just how much we appreciate the hard work they put into raising us and the love that they have for us. While our dads…

Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Sun Protection

As we kick-off into the coming months of summer festivities outdoor plans are most likely on everyone’s radar after months of being stuck indoors. Feeling the sun on your shoulders is one of the best feelings. It’s important to get in your vitamin D since every single cell in your body needs it to function optimally. Since…

Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Travel Essentials

Summer is in full swing and so are summer travels. While fun, between germs, lack of sleep, and various time zones, traveling can also be stressful on the body. Therefore, taking those extra steps to stay on top of your wellness game while away from home is super important. After all, no one wants to…

Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Gifts for Mom

Every May we get the chance to celebrate all that our moms have done for us. While we should treasure our moms year-round, Mother’s day is an opportunity to go the extra mile and honor all the sacrifices and hard-work that went into raising us into the people we are today. Gifts are just one…

Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Marie Kondo Inspired Products

May is finally here and spring cleaning is still in full swing! Last month us as a functional medicine team talked about our favorite natural products we use to really deep clean our homes. Getting rid of months of dirt and build up is just phase 1 of a really good spring cleaning regimen. Phase 2 comes…

Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Beauty Products

Our modern world is filled with more toxins than ever before. Every single day you are exposed to some level of toxins and it is impossible to avoid them altogether. But we can do our best to greatly limit the chemicals we surround ourselves with in our environment, the products we use, and the foods…