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A Functional Medicine Guide to Crohn’s Disease

What you need to know about this inflammatory bowel disease.

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The Life-Changing Power of Breathwork

Exactly how breathwork can help improve your health.

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Exactly How BCAAs Can Help Supercharge Your Workout

How branched-chain amino acids can help elevate your health.

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Coffee Enemas: Everything You Need To Know

All about this interesting way to use coffee as a healing tool.

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Are You Getting Too Much (Or Too Little) Iodine?

All about this essential nutrient.

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The Specific Carbohydrate Diet: A Functional Medicine Perspective

A an in-depth look at this diet.

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A Functional Medicine Guide To Rheumatoid Arthritis

What you need to know about this autoimmune disease.

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Eggs: The Nutritional Benefits of This Superfood

Everything you need to know about the incredible edible egg.

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All About Zinc: The Ultimate Immune-Boosting Mineral

What you need to know about zinc.

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Lupus: A Functional Medicine Guide To This Autoimmune Condition

All about this condition and ways to relieve symptoms.

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Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Gifts for Mom

Every May we get the chance to celebrate all that our moms have done for us. While we should treasure our moms year-round, Mother’s day is an opportunity to go the extra mile and honor all the sacrifices and hard-work that went into raising us into the people we are today. Gifts are just one…

Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Marie Kondo Inspired Products

May is finally here and spring cleaning is still in full swing! Last month us as a functional medicine team talked about our favorite natural products we use to really deep clean our homes. Getting rid of months of dirt and build up is just phase 1 of a really good spring cleaning regimen. Phase 2 comes…

Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Beauty Products

Our modern world is filled with more toxins than ever before. Every single day you are exposed to some level of toxins and it is impossible to avoid them altogether. But we can do our best to greatly limit the chemicals we surround ourselves with in our environment, the products we use, and the foods…

This B Vitamin Is Essential For Clear Skin, Balanced Blood Sugar, And A Healthy Gut

This is your blog post title. Think of your body as a well-oiled machine. If machines do not get the necessary fuel and maintenance, problems arise causing them to break down over time. An adequate well-rounded amount of nutrients are to your body like oil is to a machine. B vitamins specifically are essential for…