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Eggs: The Nutritional Benefits of This Superfood

Everything you need to know about the incredible edible egg.

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All About Zinc: The Ultimate Immune-Boosting Mineral

What you need to know about zinc.

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Lupus: A Functional Medicine Guide To This Autoimmune Condition

All about this condition and ways to relieve symptoms.

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Exactly How Digestive Enzymes Can Help Your Gut Health

Everything you need to know about the benefits about digestive enzymes.

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10 Research-Backed Reasons To Love Garlic

All about garlic’s health benefits.

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5 Mantras That Will Help You Get Through The Holidays

Encouraging mantras for this time of year.

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Intimidated By Fasting? Here’s What An 18-Hour Fast Really Looks Like

How you can start to incorporate fasting into your wellness routine.

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The Most Common Causes of Alopecia: A Functional Medicine Guide

Everything you need to know about this cause of hair loss.

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8 Easy Ways To Limit Food Waste

How to utilize all parts of your food to avoid waste.

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Salt Caves: A Relaxing Way to Improve Your Skin + Respiratory Health

How this therapeutic tool can help elevate your health.

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Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Natural Cold + Flu Remedies

We are still in the thick of cold and flu season, meaning it is all hands on deck when it comes to keeping our immune systems strong. Sometimes we find ourselves on the verge of getting sick and its a battle to quell the storm before you find yourself calling off work and in your…

Our Current Healthy Obsessions: Organization Products

With the new school year starting across the country, it makes us a little nostalgic. Every new year came with a shopping trip to pick out new school supplies and the promise of a blank planner to fill with all of our activities, homework, and social events. While we are no longer in school, the…

Healthy Choices In Your Everyday Life

by Ashley Cogley We all struggle with making healthy choices. With temptation all around it isn’t easy to not give in to eating unhealthy foods. Growing up, my parents were your traditional grains, gluten, and sugar foods family. Never knowing the consequences to unhealthy food I never saw a reason to stop eating them but…

Why You Should Give Up Your Antiperspirant For A Natural Deodorant

Many people who complain of body odor are not aware that it’s not sweating but the bacteria that live on our skin which causes the foul smell. Bacteria metabolize the proteins and fatty acids present in sweat, causing body odor and deodorants work by neutralizing and killing the bacteria. Article continues below Start Your Health…

20 Wellness Leaders Reveal How Long They Actually Sleep At Night

Sleep is an elusive beast that can be hard to tame sometimes, and while it’s recommended that we all get seven to eight hours of sleep a night, everyone’s sweet spot is a bit different. Article continues below Start Your Health Journey Today FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE CONSULTATIONS FOR PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD HEALTH CONSULTATION We reached…

What Doctors Eat For A Healthy Heart

In honor of Healthy Heart Month, we asked our favorite functional medicine doctors to share their top food picks for a healthier heart. Want more of this series? Check out their top foods for weight loss, and their favorite detoxifying dishes. Article continues below Start Your Health Journey Today FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE CONSULTATIONS FOR PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD…